Inspiration and Enthusiasm = Business Success

Inspiration and Enthusiasm = Business Success

I am sitting here, right now, wearing a new knit cap and hot pink/maroon hair extension clips made out of real hair.  I just listened to a singer with an angelic voice serenade me in Italian. I am surrounded by so many smiling, energized, gifted people and quite honestly, I am in awe of all of them. No, I’m not on vacation.  After all, if you do what Loral says, you don’t take vacations – you make a deal on the plane, call it a business trip and DEDUCT it!  Well, I’m surrounded by deal-makers all right – at 3 Days to Cash Sacramento.

The feeling in this room is amazing. If you haven’t been to 3 Days to Cash yet, you are missing out on one of the most energizing, money-making experiences in the Live Out Loud Community. This is more than business education, it’s full-on, life-changing, business transforming boot camp – and I’m so grateful Loral has asked me to tag along today.

The keys to business success, according to Loral, are Inspiration and Enthusiasm. There is plenty of both in this room. During the first break, I met Garrett Quinlan, a teen who had come with his entrepreneur mom for free. He was sitting at a table displaying knit hats.  I was immediately attracted to one of them and tried it on.  “How much?”  I asked. “$10.” He replied.  At this point, I could have set down the pretty hat and walked away.  But this is 3 Days 2 Cash and a BIG teaching opportunity.  “What would Loral tell you right now?” I looked at him, hat still in hand. “She’d tell me to ‘Ask for the Cash’,” he said. “Then ask me,” I exclaimed.  Loral had just explained the concept that the cashier at Starbucks does not get nervous when they are asking you for the $4.00 for your coffee. He smiled. “That will be $10.”

I gladly handed over my $10 and took a pic with him.  Thanks for the awesome hat, Garrett!  You served me well.

3 Days to Cash is all about the A-Ha Moment.  It’s that moment when you realize, “A-Ha! THAT’S what I need to be doing to make the money flow!” The light that shines in people’s eyes when that moment hits is nothing short of inspirational.  There you go. Inspiration – One of the essential keys to building a successful business.  The next kicker is Enthusiasm. It’s not just YOUR enthusiasm though, it’s serving your customers well so they are enthusiastic about YOU!

One such bit of enthusiasm came from the customers of Olivia Bettancourt. She had made such passionate advocates out of the people she had served with her hair extension clips made out of real hair that I had to pay her a visit.

Not everyone has a physical product at 3 Days to Cash, in fact, most don’t. Some people walked in and had NO idea what they were going to do for a business, they just knew it was high time to work for themselves. Some are bookkeepers, Internet marketing experts, consultants of every type.  There is a very interesting lady who uses a special test to help people discover what their talents and gifts are so they can find their fastest path to cash.

Here’s the simple lesson here.  If you have a passion, have a desire to make money and want to learn how to make it fast, you need to get yourself in a seat at 3 Days to Cash. You will be inspired by Loral and your fellow attendees.

You deserve this! It’s time! Go make some new money and gain a family in the process — the most awesome community ever, The Live Out Loud Community!

Start here with a free strategy session. We’ll get you on your personal path to success!

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