The First International Loral’s Big Table!

The First International Loral’s Big Table!

loralsbigtableIn October 2011, the first International Loral’s Big Table will take place in Sydney, Australia!

A few years ago, Live Out Loud and I went into Australia with a mission to change the world’s conversation about money. During that time, my team and I have grown a deep appreciation for the passion, conviction, and drive for change that our Australian students have demonstrated.

Although some of the conversations about money may be slightly different depending on your location and culture, the message of entrepreneurship is the same in all corners of the globe. The rest of the world has finally started to take notice of the trend, as is demonstrated by the current global economy. New generations of “bootstrapping entrepreneurs” are taking advantage of the situation and realizing their power within the new market.

As a result, the education and resources provided within Loral’s Big Table simply must expand to accommodate these changes and new rules.

Loral’s Big Table has always been a program that evolves along with the demands of our community. Our best instructors, coaches, and mentors are often students that came through the experience themselves and simply wanted to stay engaged. Just as in the U.S., many of our most successful and enthusiastic Australian students have shown the same desire to grow the community overseas. Through their efforts and suggestions, they have made this dream a reality.

If you’re in Australia, seats are EXTREMELY LIMITED following our sales launch in Melbourne. Be sure to contact us immediately if you are interested in one of the final slots.

Beginning in October, a new chapter of the journey begins. Much more to come from the event and as we lead up to this exciting launch!

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