Invest in Yourself

Invest in Yourself

SkierIt’s a powder day today and I’m out skiing. What are you doing? Even if its not snowing fluffy white stuff where you are, you need to take some time out today, this week, whenever to really invest in yourself and PLAY.  That is what success is all about! Finding your bliss is a small part of investing in yourself. Investing in your business is second nature.  You build up your infrastructure, you invest in your team, you create new products and services.  But are you doing what it takes to invest in the leader who is providing the vision for all of that?

Break up your self investment. You don’t have to spend all day on you.  Spend an hour and get a massage. Spend two hours and have a long lunch with a friend.  Spend three in the morning and go on a bike ride, a long walk or (like me) hit the slopes if you live in a snowy place. Just go go go and have fun fun fun.  Then, you can make it back to your meetings, conference calls, work stuff and be completely recharged and ready to tackle your day.

So how are you investing in yourself this week?  Make it good.  Make me jealous.

  • Sandra
    Posted at 17:35h, 23 January Reply

    My plan is to hit the gym for my 2X a week Zumba classtonight- I get to fit in a full day of work and hit the gym HARD for an hour in the early evening…feels great to get all that in a few times a week. Starting up after-work Spin classes too. The weekends are more for out of doors explorations, hikes and driving adventures. Fun is essential part of the week. Keeps my head clear and in the game!

  • Leah Nash
    Posted at 13:17h, 31 January Reply

    Me, I’m a horse person, it’s a genetic thing, came out of the womb asking for a pony. Sadly, got away from horses in my late teens & it took a few years of near insanity to get back to them, but when I did life IMMEDIATELY started to get better. For me, horses are a huge part of my life purpose & when I don’t follow through on that, everything else gets out of whack, being out of touch with your passions will do that to you.
    For many years since then I was working with them regularly & that was (& still is) very fulfilling & yet I found I needed more, a deeper & more personal connection. Finally @ a year & a half ago I started riding regularly again. How did I ever go so long without it?? I lease a lg welsh pony mare who loves to jump (& so do I) & we have a blast together! I leave the barn singing “sunshine, lollipops & rainbows…” just giddy like a little kid on a sugar high! It’s a total recharge for my batteries. I come back fresh to the rest of my life & everything is just a bit brighter, because I’m brighter.

    We have a lesson again tonight, 3 hours to go & then we’ll be heading for another jump, everything else out of my head but keeping pace with my pony, a good straight line to the middle of the fence, 3, 2, 1, up & over again, & my eye on the next jump after that…. 2 minds, tight communication, sailing ’round the course like it’s ours,
    ’cause it is… 🙂

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