It’s Not That Complicated

It’s Not That Complicated

Put More Cash in Your Pocket

If you haven’t heard by now, I have a new book coming out on October 13, 2009. It’s called (what else…) ‘Put More Cash in Your Pocket‘. It’s my life’s work to show people from ALL walks of life how to make money. I talk with people every day about creating new cash. The challenges I hear are the same for everyone…

“I don’t have the capital”

“There’s just no time”

“I don’t know what I can do”

And so on. It could be any one of those or a combination of them all, but for the most part these are the big ones. My general response is, “You don’t have the right information!”

Honestly you don’t need a lot of capital. A small Cash Machine can be started easily with next to nothing. If time is your issue than you’ve got to figure out how bad you want it because if you need and want that cash you’re going to have to make time. And not knowing what to do is an easy one, go with what you know!

The whole concept behind my new book is to give you the right information so you can start generating cash fast. Your skills and talents are your leverage and your best assets right now.

All too often I talk with people who are, quite frankly, standing in their own way of financial and personal abundance. Sound familiar? The obstacles that are in front of most people are ones they put in front of themselves. Obstacles turn into excuses and excuses manifest into inability and the feeling of inability shuts it all down. It all boils down to you getting in your own way.

So get out of your way already! It’s time to ‘Put More Cash in Your Pocket’!

It’s true that you will need to work hard. It’s worth it. You’re going to have to talk to people. (Yes actually tell people what you’re doing.) You’ll have to carve out time in your life to make this happen. It can and it will happen if you truly want it to.

All you need is the right information. If you want to make a lot of money, say $10,000 more every month, you’ve got to learn how to consistently make $1,000, then $3,000, then $5,000 every month and so on. The point is to reach that first goal of $1,000 more each month. Start small and keep building. It can be done and you can do it.

Again all you need is the right information. I’ve been teaching this for years and I’ve had the pleasure of showing people how to create, generate and expand their lives both financially and personally.

When you’ve got the basics down you’ll find that it wasn’t as complicated as you once made it out to be. In fact, I’ve heard over and over how people wish they would have figured all this out years ago! Don’t be that person!

Get started today on leveraging your skills and talents into more cash for your pocket!

Ready GO!


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