Its To Your Benefit

Its To Your Benefit

When doing PrePaid Legal or any other MLM business, you have the reputation of the company to help validate your business. The product, price and marketing tools are already established and available to you. Training is available and successful mentors are all around you. It makes it so much easier and cheaper.

In an MLM, you are the agent of the company. It is like being an agent of Allstate Insurance or AAA auto club. Flyers, brochures, CD, DVD, T-shirts, pens, bags, etc are all marking material that the company wants you to use and provide to your customers. Also a company website is provided for you so you don’t have to design your own. This is a way to get the company name and logo out to the masses.

When you advertise the MLM company, you may also be leading your potential customers away from you especially if the customers do not know you.

Our website that PrePaid Legal provides is quite long and difficult to correctly remember If anyone does remember it they may just remember PrePaidLegal and that will direct them to the company itself and not you. That means no commission or credit to you. You will not even know about it as there is no way to track it.

The MLM companies usually do not tell you about this matter. We learned about this at the Cash Machine Workshop and Big Table. It is best for everyone to have their own domain name and website even when you belong to an MLM. The website should capture the customers name + email and phone number as well as provide free information so there is a reason for your customers to return back. Keep branding your name/website. You can redirect your domain name to the MLM company where you can have customers enroll with you. For example our domain name gets redirected to the PrePaid Legal site that is associated with us.

Why would you want to this extra work?
1. You can capture the customers contact information so you are able to follow up and help them.
2. You have control of the contacts so if you add, change MLM or business, the customers are still with you vs lost with the MLM company. is broad enough and easy to remember so it can be applied to any business and not just PrePaid Legal Services. I have been working on branding and integrating to emails, business cards, car magnets, and flyers.

We also have domain names in our own names and People in general, do business with people they know and like vs someone they don’t know. It is like Trump branding his name on everything. Not sure if we should be branding our own names vs

What do you think? Is it better to use your or company/catchy title?

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Lois Threlkeld

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