Jennifer Lawrence Falls at Oscars

Jennifer Lawrence Falls at Oscars

What it means to be human in business

130225000211-oscar-photos-jennifer-lawrence-falls-horizontal-galleryMake no mistake about it, Jennifer Lawrence falling at the Oscars did more to help her career than winning the Oscar for Best Actress.
How So?
It made her more personable.

She’s more human now because of it. Most people think that stars or celebrities are untouchable. That they’re a cut above the rest.

Part of that perception is promulgated by the stars themselves.

They want you to believe that they’re better than you and that you should worship them by seeing their movies, listening to their music or attending their sporting events.

To an extent it works because you want to be like them or be cool with the rest of the mindless people that follow them.

However, it’s rare to find a celebrity who’s still the same person they were before they were famous.

These are real people and they attract more people because of their authenticity. People aren’t trying to imitate them to be cool. People are attracted to them because they’re like them.

In this case the celebrity has pulled back the curtain to let you peek inside their world. And what you discover is that you’re more like them than you had previously thought.

This is what attracts more people to them and creates a deeper bond with them than if you were just trying to be cool.

That’s Your Business’s Problem Too

Most business owners have the wrong idea on how to generate new business and create loyal followers.

They follow the philosophy of creating a gap to divide you from them. You can only watch from a far, but never come where I am.

They promote the fact that they’re better than you. That they have it made and you don’t. You need to purchase what I have to offer if you want to be cool or have success in your own personal life.

What really happens is people will purchase a thing or two from you but quickly realize that all you cared about was yourself. It’s always been about yourself.

Then there are those business owners and professionals who, like Jennifer Lawrence, stumble when the whole world is watching.

They get back up and show you that they’re human just like you.

They too have their own faults but they still care enough to show that side of their business life to connect with you on a more intimate level. This works so well namely because they know that for the most part you’re just like them.

When they come to realize that they too are like you, they’re more willing to stick with you no matter what happens.

The Solution

Open up. Let others see that you’re human too.

Most are afraid to do this because they’re trying to attract everyone under the sun to purchase their product or service.

Again, this is just another example of how it’s about you and not those you have influence over. Stop being afraid and really get personal to the smaller group that you can really help.

Stop selfishly attempting to be everything to everyone. In the process you end up serving no one and have only superficial followers at best. Once someone cooler than you comes along they’ll be gone just as soon as they joined you.

Be real. Be authentic. Most of all… Be you!

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