Jobs Aren’t Coming from Large Corporations

13 Feb Jobs Aren’t Coming from Large Corporations

Creation of new businessSo, today, I was speaking with my PR team and they said that Neil Cavuto might be interested in interviewing me. “But Neil Cavuto is only talking about things with a political slant right now,” said one team member. “You have to be willing to speak your mind about something that is going on in the world today.” 

I have never been one to edit myself or not speak my mind and if there is one thing I have PLENTY to say about it’s JOBS. Or rather, its the pipe dream that the government expects major corporations to rebound and hire everyone back. Let me tell you something, for those who want jobs and not to work for themselves, those jobs are not going to come from big companies like they are hoping you will believe. Those jobs are going to come from small to medium size businesses, like those run by the hard-working members of the Live Out Loud community. Selling the middle class the corporate America line of bull is going to KEEP them in crisis.  And telling the middle class that they have to work for someone to make it in this world is cheating them out of their futures.  Plain and simple, that’s how I see it.  So Neil, let’s do this. You should hear from my PR team shortly.

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