Kevin Harrington: Loral Can Transform Anyone Into A Money-Making Machine

Kevin Harrington: Loral Can Transform Anyone Into A Money-Making Machine

In the few months I’ve had the pleasure of working with Loral, I can truly say that this woman can transform anyone into a money-making machine…don’t miss out on her webinar!  Kevin Harrington

Who is Kevin Harrington?

Born in 1956, Kevin Harrington is a majorly successful business executive and entrepreneur from America. Over the past 40 years, he has been involved in countless successful business ventures. He is best known for some of his most remarkable achievements, including founding As Seen On TV. Additionally, he was an Original Shark on Shark Tank. His success can be clearly seen by the fact that he has launched over 500 products during his lifetime, adding up to over $4 billion in sales, and the work he has done with celebrities including the Kardashians, Billie Mays, Paris Hilton, and many more. As if that isn’t enough, Kevin Harrington is also the CEO of Home Shopping Network District.

This millionaire investor has had successful venture after successful venture during his lifetime, and has reached a countless number of individuals across the globe. In 2009, he published the book, Act Now: How I Turn Ideas into Million-Dollar Products. Based off of the immense success he has experienced in his time as an entrepreneur, he compiled the knowledge he had gained through his ventures in that book and published it in order to share his success with others and allow them to understand his methods and strategies he implemented to reach the accomplishments he has. Over the years, he has laid out many plans to help equip new and up and coming business owners and innovators with the knowledge, methods and tools they will need to have in order to become Sharks. After launching more than 20 businesses during his lifetime, he has gained a considerable amount of knowledge about business and is willing to share that with new business owners to help them be successful in their ventures as well.

His entrepreneurial success began in the 1980s, when Kevin Harrington invested $25,000 to launch the new company Quantum International. Soon enough, this business grew into a $500 million per year business on the New York Stock Exchange. Consequently, the price per share of the business’s stocks was driven from $1 all the way up to $20. Kevin Harrington proceeded to sell the interest he had in Quantum International in order to form HSN Direct, a joint venture that would eventually have sales in the hundreds of millions with the Home Shopping Network.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, he is one of our time’s top entrepreneurs, which is no wonder at all, considering his vast and expansive experience, success and knowledge. Putting that knowledge to good use, Kevin Harrington has helped several companies achieve incredible success through his operations at a firm doing private consulting, in which he has helped many companies increase their distribution, analyze all of their opportunities for electronic retailing and take full advantage of those opportunities, as well as have effective digital marketing and social media strategies in place to maximise their exposure. Through his efforts with these companies, sharing his knowledge and experience with those companies to help benefit them to the best of his ability, he has successfully been able to increase the price of these company’s stocks by as much as 10 times.

Thanks to the advancements in technology and the online world that have occurred in recent years, the market has drastically changed and the world has become extremely competitive. It can be quite a struggle for companies to keep up with all of the new developments, and it is impossible for them to succeed by doing what they have always done. To help companies succeed in the current competitive climate of the business world, Kevin Harrington helps countless companies by providing them with the advice and expertise they need in order to have the tools they need to navigate their industry while its marketing outlets and distribution patterns are undergoing a constant cycle of change.

Kevin Harrington has reached an extremely wide audience by reaching out to innovators and business owners to help them increase their success. He has gotten his message out to 100 million people through his speaking events across five different continents, his industry dominance, and his presence in the media. As a prominent leader in business thought, he frequently is quoted and featured as a leader in business in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, USA Today, Forbes, Inc., Fortune, Entrepreneur, The Today Show, CBS Morning News, Good Morning America, Squawk Box, The View, Fox Business, and many more.

The value of Kevin Harrington to the business world lies not only in the fact that he possesses 40 years of knowledge of how to build successful businesses, but also in the fact that he has the knowledge, will and drive to help many companies across several different industries using his problem solving skills and vast experience, to help them in being as successful as he has been during his lifetime.

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