Kick Stress in the Pants!

Kick Stress in the Pants!

Stressed Out  FemaleIt is Thanksgiving weekend. There’s cooking to do, family to see and a schedule to keep for activities. No matter how relaxing I would like my holiday to be, some how, some way, stress just sneaks its ugly head in.  It’s times like this where I remember something Loral says in Yes! Energy: The Equation to Do Less and Make More.

“Stress is when you lose faith and replace it with fear.”

So true. I’m stressed about not getting to the party on time because I’m afraid there will be traffic. I’m stressed about the kids playing in the back yard because I’m afraid someone is going to trip. I’m stressed about the turkey because I’m afraid that I’ll get distracted and I’ll let it cook too long.

This holiday, I’m trying something new and I’m going to carry it over into by business.  I am going to HAVE FAITH.

I will have faith that things will go smoothly, that the person who is watching the kids is doing their job and that I have made enough turkey’s in my lifetime to know when the oven dings the bird comes out. 

I will kick stress in the pants with a good dose of faith.

Tell us, how did you use faith this holiday to hold stress at bay? Did it make your Thanksgiving better?  We can’t wait to hear from you!

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