Law of Attraction + Action

Law of Attraction + Action

Many of you originally came to know about me from my work with “The Secret,” the book and video phenomenon that introduced millions to the concept of The Law of Attraction. I can poke fun at “The Secret” because I was a part of it. Let’s face it. You can’t just sit and wait for checks to appear in your mailbox. It won’t happen unless you DO something!  That’s where action comes into play and its where Yes! Energy really matters. Because no matter how much you wish for something to happen, unless you go out and GET IT, it won’t… period… end of story… roll the credits, you are done before you even started.

The Law of Attraction and Yes! Energy work very well together, though.  Mindset and action have to play in the same sandbox to get your best results.  In the Yes! Energy Equation, you might know that as Confidence and Certainty.  If you build your confidence and have certainty in yourself and the positive outcome with your actions, that’s a good step toward making it happen. If you walk around all day with a piss poor attitude, believing with your very soul that things aren’t going to work out – they won’t.  It’s not because you are just having that mindset though, that’s negative mindset makes you take actions that will produce a negative result.  You procrastinate. You don’t follow up. You turn yourself into one giant “make-wrong.”

That is NO way to live!  When you live your life full of Yes! Energy – you change your conversations, have the faith, confidence and certainty to BELIEVE in your positive result and then you can carry yourself through life (and the rest of the equation) to achieve that infinite optimism and energy.  With that combination you, kid, are positively UNSTOPPABLE.

Do you believe it? I believe it FOR you!  Now go out and do it.  Go! Go! Go!

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