LBT 100 – Huge Moment For Live Out Loud Community

LBT 100 – Huge Moment For Live Out Loud Community

Can’t believe it’s almost here…

Almost 2 decades ago, I started my Big Table program as a way to do everything I could to help aspiring, up-and-coming & experienced entrepreneurs create and expand their businesses. Through the years, I’ve been able to assemble an unbelievable array of skilled experts in key disciplines that every successful company & wealth-builder requires (such as leadership, marketing, sales, tax strategies, investment strategies, real estate, accounting, management & HR, just to name a few).

IMG_5042 copyThousands of people worldwide have gone through my Big Table program and tremendously accelerated their business as a result of it. It’s guided business owners to get more of what mostly everyone wants – time & money. It’s THE place to be for entrepreneurs – I’ve no doubt about that.

Each business owner who has gone through LBT has been a part of a “session.” This “session” pretty much denotes what “class” they’re in. So far, sessions 1-99 have gone off without a hitch.

The LBT program has grown & grown & grown thanks to the amazing instructors, coaches, & mentors I have on board, but most of all, thanks to the courageous & brave entrepreneurs who have graduated from the program…

And now, almost 2 decades later, we’re here – LBT 100! This Monday & Tuesday (June 23 & 24) is my LBT 100, and I CAN BARELY HOLD IN MY EXCITEMENT!

To top everything off, MY BIRTHDAY is on Tuesday, June 24…it’s going to be an amazing time!!!!!

This is such a huge accomplishment, not only for Live Out Loud, but for every single person who has played any role in our Big Table program. The instructors, the entrepreneurs, the discussion leaders, my staff – everyone has had a hand in building this from the ground up, & I’m very blessed to say that we’ve reached No. 100.

Amazing times…& amazingly blessed. Can’t wait!!!!!!

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