Lesson Learned: Google Maps Back On iPhones

Lesson Learned: Google Maps Back On iPhones

Google Maps Back On iPhonesDay 1: Apple’s Map app has serious flaws and in some cases can cause death if followed. For example trying to drive to Mildura, Australia. Apple’s Map app places Mildura 40 miles off the beaten path in the middle of the Outback where there is no food, water, gas or cell phone reception.

Day 2: Apple reaches out to Google and apologizes for not keeping their Maps app on their iPhones and fires high-ranking employee who made the decision to scrap the app in the first place.

Day 3: Apple makes Google Maps available once again for download in their App Store.

For years I’ve taught that you need to surround yourself with a TEAM.

You don’t need to be everything to everyone or do everything either. In this particular case Apple was trying to replace Google Maps with their own creation. Why? Google Maps was already working great for everyone!

Aside from the philosophical reasons that Apple has against Google, this was motivated by the wrong reasons.

For an entrepreneur, good enough is good enough. Lesson number one.

When you can partner with someone else to help you move forward with your goal or purpose without taking away from your core function in your business it’s a good move. Lesson number two.

This is one of the Millionaire Maker secrets to making more money and getting more things done in less time.

Who can you partner with? What can you offload today to free up more of your time to do what you do best in your business?

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