Life’s About A Dream

Life’s About A Dream

There’s no question that the economy has changed and will never be the same. The traditional “Life Dream” of going to school, landing the dream job, paying into a pension, and retiring with a paid off home and a cushy check each month is more out of reach than ever before. This is what we were taught in school and most of us counted on it as we moved through adulthood.

So what do we tell our kids? How will we show them to — not only survive — but thrive in any economy?

The answer is simpler than you might think. Lead by example. Kids, as you know, learn by what they see more than by what they are told. If you have a Cash Machine, get them involved! Making money should be a family affair.

Today’s public school curriculum offers no real entrepreneurial training. It’s up to us as parents to teach kids how to be more self-reliant when it comes to money. Imagine how much further you’d be in the wealth building process if you had the information you have now as a young person.

In my new book ‘Put More Cash in Your Pocket‘ I use the term “lemonade stand” because it simplifies the process. It makes it sound like even a kid can do this and the truth is they can. Many of today’s successful entrepreneurs started early and credit their success to their head start in business. Why not get your kids in the game early? Help them to learn that it’s up to them to create their own destiny.

So many of us find that our identities are defined by what we do for a living. It’s an amazing gift to teach your children that they are independent and powerful on their own. Our children will be the first to participate in an economic revolution that will shape our future for decades to come. Let’s get them prepared and in a self-reliant mindset so they won’t suffer the losses many have today through the loss of jobs, health insurance, and pensions. Teaching your kids now that it’s up to them will save them the heartbreak that so many others had to endure.

Leadership is an inherent quality of a true entrepreneur. Kids today should learn leadership skills as soon as possible. Get kids involved with activities that will give them positive examples of how to lead others.

Entrepreneurs are known to be self confident and motivated people. Your children will go far if they posses these characteristics. Young entrepreneurs are good communicators. Imagine having no fear! Fearless when it comes to asking for the sale! This is one of the biggest issues with new entrepreneurs; your kids don’t have to fear this. Teach them now!

Give your kids the head start they deserve. If you don’t teach them about being an entrepreneur, like so many of you, it could be years before they figure it out on their own.

Ready GO!



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