Lions, Tigers, and Bears……. Oh My!

Lions, Tigers, and Bears……. Oh My!

We just got back from our first session at the Big Table. It is a beautiful place with lots of snow. We lucked out in terms of weather. Took us about 8 hours to drive to Lake Tahoe and we did not need chains. Glad it was only for a few days since I prefer the warmer climate being originally from Hawaii. Now I live in Southern California where it is relatively warm compared to other parts of the states. The only mishap was not letting our car warm up long enough as we lost some control of the steering wheel and brakes.

Attending the Big Table was like kids going to school for the first time. We did not know what to expect. Who was going to be our teachers, what did we have to do, and would we be making new friends.

There were about 60 of us there. All had various skills, backgrounds and were great people to be around. We all had our own stories and goals.

There was so much information and various speakers. It was hard to absorb everything and incorporate all of it. After 2 days of training, I left a little confused about what to do. My mind is spinning. I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz being told to follow the yellow brick road to the Land of Oz. Which way do we go and how do we get there?

Will the wizard, Loral Langemeier, be able to show us the way to financial freedom? Will this lead us to the road to wealth? Is there a sequence to everything?

What we learned is to focus on a Cash Machine. The daily priority is figuring out what to do to bring in money. Knowing your money rules is also important so that smart decisions can be made. One of the important money rules is to always pay yourself first. Set up a wealth account so that a certain amount or percentage is set aside to be later used to acquire assets Having a team to help is also important.

Cash Machine + Assets + Teams

Our mastermind group consisting of 6 of us was developed to brainstorm ideas and determine how we can help each other achieve our goals. We will be meeting on a weekly basis. We will also be developing a 120 action plan and meeting with our coach who will help us along the way.

We will form joint ventures and life long friends, and overcome many challenges. Our path down the yellow brick road will be much clearer. Stay with us as we share our travels to the Land of Oz.

What is your cash machine? What are your money rules? How much will you set aside monthly towards your wealth account?

Amy Yoshimitsu
Lois Threlkeld

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