Live Where You Work Best

06 Aug Live Where You Work Best

Last week, USA Today voted Lake Tahoe the best lake in the United States. I couldn’t be more proud. I’ve always loved this area for it’s beauty, skiing, and moto-cross trails. Really, it’s a great place to play. This news about the lake prompted me to remind you to do something. Remember, you have one life – there is no business life and personal life. So doesn’t it make sense to live where you work best? Mark Twain once said, “to breathe the air the angels breathe, one must come to Tahoe.” It’s so true. I think so clearly here. It’s where I hold Loral’s Big Table, in my conference center, and my alumni swear that the area is a catalyst for inspiration. 

Living where you work best isn’t a foreign concept. My mentor Dan Kennedy lives where he can ride his horses. Others choose to live next to the ocean. Others work best where life is simple: Idaho, Wisconsin. The point here is, you know where you have your best energy and you need to BE there. You can always hop on a plane or get your clients to come to you. Only YOU know where your energy is best. Live it!

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