Loral TOPS Cyber Monday

Loral TOPS Cyber Monday

12 Days Of ChristmasIf you remember what we did on Cyber Monday, you know that we were pretty sure we would get in some serious trouble for giving away thousands in bonuses in a day just for buying “Yes! Energy: The Equation to Do Less, Make More.” Well, we got in trouble all right, but not the kind we were anticipating. We got TOPPED! Being topped is kind of like being Punk’d only there’s no embarrassment, Ashton Kutcher doesn’t get royalties and everyone benefits.  Of course, can you guess who topped us?  Loral did!  And who gets to benefit from it?  YOU DO!

Once she found out about our post-turkey crazed stint of generosity, in true Loral style, she did one better!  Best yet… again in true Loral style… she topped us via a phone call from her favorite ski slope.  How’s that for handing out bonuses in style?

So here’s the scoop. Today through December 24, you can grab as many high value bonuses as you want.  So where Cyber Monday only gave it to you for one day, Loral is giving it to you for 12! It’s the 12 Days of Giving!  (Ok, yeah, we know it’s Christmas, but we’re trying to be all-inclusive here.)

Check out these bonuses!

  • YES! Energy Mindset (valued at $79)
  • YES! Energy Sales (valued at $79)
  • YES! Energy Libido (valued at $79)
  • 3 months Fast Cash Coaching (valued at $447)
  • Accelerated Network Marketing Course(valued at $4,997)
  • Internet Marketing 101 Course (valued at $2,997)
  • 2 Tickets to “The Power of YES! Event” (travel and lodging not provided) with an autographed copy of “Guerrilla Wealth”(priceless)
  • 3 Days to Cash Workbook (valued at $397)
  • 30% off the YES! Energy Celebration Event in San Diego (valued at over $75)
  • A Business Makeover with ME, Loral Langemeier (priceless)
  • The Prosperity Summit (valued at $199)
  • The Wealth Building Blitz (valued at $1,297)

Here’s the best part.  There’s NO LIMIT!  That’s right, buy one book and get one bonus.  Do it once or do it every day.  Do it once a day or do it multiple times.  It’s UNLIMITED!

We are seriously impressed, Loral.  Now we are really going to have to put on our thinking caps to top this one.  Maybe we should hit the slopes for some inspiration too!

Go get those freebies!

  • Diane
    Posted at 15:30h, 19 December Reply

    P.S. This is the same deal we did on Cyber Monday but for 12 days and NO LIMITS. So load up!

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