Who is on first, What’s on second and I don’t know is on third…
Ever feel like there are so many characters and stories that it is difficult to put it all together and make sense of it? Just when you think you know what is going on there is another twist and other characters come in and now it changes the whole situation.

There are so many resources and training within the Live Out Loud and Big Table community. And we have been participating in and checking out as many as we can. Remember the game Pac Man? The object of the game was to eat as many dots as possible while navigating through a maze. That is what we have been doing since joining the program. It is like we got placed in a foreign country and we are trying to figure out the language, culture and layout of the land.

The challenge is how to schedule it all and then put it into practice. Which one should we do and which ones can wait. How do we make it all come together?  Anyone got any suggestions?

Wealth Acceleration on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays
Laser Coaching Calls On Wednesday
Dpp Online on Thursday
Marketing webinars
Mastermind calls
Real Estate webinars
Building Your Cash Machine Calls
Wealth Cycle calls
LBT Mastermind Call Sunday
Internet marketing
Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, FaceBook
LBT Forum
Live Out Loud Community
120 day action plan

Some say you only need to work ½ day on your business…. Pick the first 12 hours or the 2nd 12 hours, it is your choice.

We have a coach though it is limited to only 6 for the whole year and it is only for an hour. It is a precious time so we want to make sure we have our things more together so when we meet we can power through with direction and clarity.

Amy Yoshimitsu
Lois Threlkeld

Investing in Your Future

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