How to Make Cash Every Day

How to Make Cash Every Day

Make CashDo you believe it’s easy to make cash every day?  You should.  I not only believe it, I teach how.  That’s what my 4th best-selling book, Put More Cash In Your Pocket, is all about. It’s also why I call a small business a Cash Machine because that’s what it can do for you – it’s how you can make cash consistently — if you simply ask for it enough.

I’m always teaching, coaching, writing and talking about how to make cash fast.  You can learn a lot just by reading this blog (or my books) or attending my free webinars.  Of course, the best way to learn how to consistently make cash is by going to one of my intensive 3-Days to Cash (hands on) events.  Okay, that was a shameless plug! But wait. Don’t get upset with anyone who proudly sells their expert knowledge because that could well be worth more than anything else you could buy. If you don’t need that knowledge, say thank you anyway and simply move on.

And that’s my point. It’s your expertise, know-how, experience – your unique knowledge — that’s the most powerful asset you have to make cash consistently day after day, week after week, month after month.

Look at what you have to offer.  I’ll guarantee you it’s based on what you know.  Think of your knowledge as your profit center and figure out how to put it to good use and make cash with it!

Let me ask you this: How would it feel if every single day you could walk into the bank and make cash deposits into your account? Well, you know what? I want you to do just that. In fact, I want you to develop a relationship with your banker. Get to know each of the bank tellers. Why? The most important reason is the feeling you will get when you consistently make cash and take it to the bank where everyone knows your name. (wink) You’ll feel like a TV star. You’ll build that all-important self-confidence and be unstoppable! You’ll also open the door of opportunity should you ever need to apply for financing. Relationship building works for opening many doors!

I know what you’re thinking. If it’s so “easy,” why are you having such a hard time selling your knowledge?

Let me guess.  If a friend needs help with something you know a great deal about, you help him, free, of course. If a neighbor needs the same kind of help, you offer your advice, free of charge. I’ve heard this story a thousand times if I’ve heard it once.

While that may seem like the “acceptable” thing to do, it doesn’t make business sense.  If you’re in business, I assume you’re in it to make cash. I’d bet your biggest problem is that you’re intimidated at the very thought of asking for the cash. Am I right?

Essentially, everyone has several ways they can make cash and most people are leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the floor all around their feet because they don’t know how to pick it up.

Here’s a million dollar tip for you.  Stop doing things for free. Stop giving away your knowledge. Start doing what it takes to make cash and that is learning how to Ask for the Cash! That’s business. End of story.

So what’s holding you back?

Talk to me. How can I help you figure out how to make cash consistently with your business? I’m listening.

  • Angie Patterson
    Posted at 04:45h, 29 July Reply

    Hi Loral,
    I’m a bit confused as to why I’m not making more money than I am after posting my first e-book on my content based website.

    However, one of my tenants created an idea I’m expanding on for quick cash while I continue with my passion for photography. I have a flyer and I’m going to all kinds of businesses, canvasing neighborhoods, spreading the word, calling friends and relatives. I currently have 8 clients and a really encouraging potential in the works. I’ve approached my local paper and that could be a go for an article next week.

    I have discovered many people do not like going to the bottle recycle depots, nor do they like to throw cans, bottles etc in the garbage. Here’s where I come in. I will pick up their stuff for free, take it home, don rubber gloves and old jeans, sort it and go to the bottle depot. In three weeks (I currently go once a week) I’ve made $208.00 cash on the spot. My goal is to eventually make this a daily average.

    I have a two door jeep and make it work by lining the cargo space with plastic, cramming in the bags and off I go. My goal, soon, is to have to rent/begg/borrow my partner’s pick-up truck due to the volume!

    I also owe it to you for the webinarswhere you keep it simple and very cost effective to start something. The rubber gloves cost next to nothing, I plan my routes to save fuel, may get a name and number on my vehicle and that’s it. The newspaper will be free and a friend who works for the city said she’ll post on her Facebook for me.

    The next time I write to you I will anticipate adding a zero (or 2) to the cash amount!

    You’re the best, Loral!

    All the best,
    Angie Patterson

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