Make Your Summer Must-Do List

Make Your Summer Must-Do List

Summer is knocking at our door – so its time to set those summer commitments and success metrics! What will you do? What will you achieve? How much money will you make?  Get it on paper now, set monthly time lines and DO IT! No excuses.

By the way, don’t get stuck in the planning on this one. This isn’t a document that you must mull over for days to make sure you get it exactly right. Perfectionism is the biggest pitfall to progress. Just get some commitments down on paper and go, go, go!

This is not a manifesto. Don’t try to write a novel. We’re talking 3 months here.  Just write down a few things you WILL DO this Summer that will make a difference for your business and the world around you.

To inspire you, here is my Summer Must-Do List (It literally took me 5 minutes to write):

  • Grow the 3 Days to Cash Workshop so we have 150 people in it each time (that’s more people for YOU to practice your money-making skills on)
  • Shift my calendar so I can do more of what I want to do and less of what I HAVE to do (my team is shifting my calendar right now as I type)
  • Do an Ask Loral every month so I can better serve my community by answering your questions (those have been placed on my calendar)
  • Strengthen my commitment to Children’s Financial Literacy by making my community aware of scholarship opportunities for kids, both through 3 Days to Cash and Alumni events (we are planning the campaigns now and can’t wait to roll them out over the Summer)

Tell me, what is your Summer Must-Do List? Comment below or, if you are a member of the Fast Cash Coaching Community, get support for your Must-Do List in the Forum.

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