“Making Time” for Play

“Making Time” for Play

The first time I heard Loral say that you don’t have a business life and a personal life, you have one life, I can admit I was a bit perplexed. Of course I have two lives! Then I thought a little deeper into the meaning of that statement. No, I really don’t have two lives. I have one life: one body, one heart, one soul, one mind, and one brain. So why can’t I have one integrated whole life where business and play can co-exist? What an amazing concept!

It’s true, once you begin to integrate your business life and your personal life, wonderful things happen. Business gets FUN! Suddenly, that trip to the golf course every week is a write off because you picked up a client there. That beach vacation? Well, you took three clients with you for a mastermind session. Suddenly, you are working and sunning yourself with a cocktail in hand.

Integrating business and play is about more than “making time” for play. It’s making work and play one in the same. It’s about going to cocktail parties with a stack of business cards in your purse and a clear intention of swapping your business cards for at least 20 others. It’s about going out to eat and striking up a conversation that ends up with a new client.  It’s about enjoying life while that cash machine just naturally cranks along, giving you want you need to live and SO much more.

So I want to know, is this how you are living? Or are you still compartmentalized, separating work from play and feeling all stressed out when playtime comes along because there is more work to be done.  Don’t be like that. It’s not fun. It won’t make you money and, as Loral will say, “any situation is a situation where you can ask for the cash.”

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