Michael Jackson Memorial

Michael Jackson Memorial

It is so hard to believe that Michael Jackson passed away and that his memorial was only a day ago.  His death seemed to affect so many people all over the world. It was tragic that he died at a relatively young age.  It is tragic that he left behind 3 children, family, and friends

His life seemed to be full of turmoil and controversy.  Was he a pedophile or an innocent victim of the media and lawsuits?  What was the cause of his death?  Was he responsible for his own death or was it those who gave him all the drugs?  What is to become of his children, his estate and his multi million dollar debt?

It will take time to figure it all out and even then we will not know the whole story. I am sure the news will be covering everything there is about Michael Jackson for a long time.

He was an icon and will be memorialized forever. Lets recognize his tribute to music.
May he rest in peace.

Amy Yoshimitsu
Lois Threlkeld

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