Chanelling – The Loral Effect

Chanelling – The Loral Effect

To be successful, follow a successful person. This is called modeling. Find someone or a company to see what they are doing, how they market, who are their customers, what are their products or services, what are their prices and product lines. Find a company that matches your business or find someone to emulate. Why invent the wheel when you can do and use what others are doing.

We were at a seminar today called “2 Weeks to Wealth” and Loral was there promoting her program. It brought back memories as it was a year ago when we first met Loral at a Real Estate Seminar and signed up for the Cash Machine workshop. We had never heard of her though we were intrigued by what she had to say. Focus on income and not debt, use your skills to make money, live a bigger, better life.

These concepts though different than what we learned growing up, made sense. At the cash machine workshop, these concepts were discussed in more detail. Everyone was encouraged to sell something and all who attended made money. The possibilities were amazing.

After only a week of meeting Loral, we wanted to know more and so we immediately joined the Big Table. This is a year long program to grow your cash machine and accelerate your wealth. Loral is so dynamic, encouraging, and a great role model. She is also a great motivator and saleswoman.

We have role models and mentors in real estate but not in business. So why not follow Loral, a successful businesswoman. I am not aware of that many approachable successful women. Being on Oprah would be great though it may take some time.

Since meeting Loral, we have followed her on Facebook, Twitter, Live Out Loud and on Biz Radio. We got to know some of the people on her team and also some of her staff. We participate in her programs and go to her events. We keep up on what she is doing.

We are studying Loral. Wherever she is we want to be a part of it. It sometimes seems like we are stalking her since we follow her closely. Guess we should not hang out in front of her home ☺. She tells us to learn from her as she does share some of her ideas. She moves and thinks swiftly so you have to keep up.

Maybe we are more like little Loral groupies or “mini me” Loral. Whatever the case, we are learning a lot about being a successful business. We plan to participate in the next Cash Machine workshop in LA Nov 12 -14 and encourage everyone to make money and accelerate your wealth.

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