Nervous? You are doing something right!

Nervous? You are doing something right!

Change AheadLet me tell you a little something about change. If you are doing it, sometimes it’s not the most comfortable thing in the world.  Whether you are changing a conversation and expressing a new point of view on something or changing an important part of your life, odds are there will be a little discomfort in there.  It’s normal! Change isn’t supposed to be easy. If it were, people would be less likely to stick around jobs that are capping their value (you are worth so much more than what an accountant says you are). They would kick relationships to the curb that are bad for them, bad for their kids and damaging to their state of mind.  And they certainly wouldn’t hold onto the same pants that are 5 sizes bigger than their ideal.  Change is tough.  But, you know what? YOU are tougher.

There are going to come times when you are changing that you look back and you shine a spotlight on both the good and the bad of your former situation.  That self-talk will either move you forward or hold you back. What are you going to let it do?  You can look at that job and say, “I made six figures. I had full benefits. I had a check every two weeks.”  Or, you can take that same spotlight, power it up with Yes! Energy, and say, “I am pursuing my passion. I am on track to make higher six figures next year if I keep pushing forward. I am reliant on no one but myself for my health and security.”

Which conversation is going to move you forward and which is going to keep you looking backward and moving that way?

If you are nervous about the change in your conversations, your life, the way you are doing things, you are doing something RIGHT!  You just need to stop framing it as nervousness and start seeing it as excitement for your new, bigger, life.  Instead of framing it as fear, look at is as an opportunity to venture into an exciting new territory.

YOU are the master of your life.  YOU are the fuel for your Yes! Energy!

Now go and get that big life you deserve!  Go! Go! Go!

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