New Year, New You

New Year, New You

New Year, New YouJust like moving to a new town where you don’t know anyone; you get to start over anew every year. You get to create the person that you want to become and for one reason or another weren’t able to last year.

This is the year to…

1. Stop Living Someone Else’s Dream

There is too much uncertainty in the world. Life is too short. Live the life that you want. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t have your cake and eat it too because you can. Live your dreams.

2. Start Singing with Your Own Voice

I don’t sing much at all except while in my car and other times when I KNOW that I’m alone. However, that doesn’t stop others.

I know a guy that loves to sing. He’s horrible at it and even makes up the words half the time. But he loves it. It’s fun just being around him.

He’s unique and that’s refreshing. Stop being a clone and following everyone else. Be a leader. Find your voice

3. Claim Your Authority

You don’t have to be world renown to have authority. You just have to know what you’re doing. I see far too many with wonderful skill sets that they shirk off as no big deal. These are skills that you can be making money with. In fact, I’ve written 2 New York Times Best-Sellers detailing how to do just that if you don’t have Cash Machine for Life or Put More Cash in Your Pocket, pick them up. You can also check out my other best sellers at the Live Out Loud Store.

4. Help Others

There is a fine line between helping others and discounting your worth. It’s a great thing to help others. In fact it’s great when they don’t suspect it. That’s really giving. But when they ask for your help and EXPECT you to do it for free. That’s WRONG!

Never give away your time or talents for FREE to those that feel or think that they’re entitled to it. Once you cross that line you won’t know where to stop.

The best way to help others is to look around you for those that might be in need of assistance and quietly help them in your own way. This will do more for you than almost anything else will to boost your self-worth.

5. Reject Cynicism

This might just be the hardest thing to change. We all like to be liked and sometimes that means hanging around with people who are critical of others because we’re afraid of what they might think or say about us if we don’t.

Ditch ’em! They’re not worth it.

If they’re in your family. Limit what you share with them. As many of you might recall, I used to work for Chevron. When it was contemplating quitting I had crushing blows come from all around me telling me what a fool I was for wanting to quit a good paying job.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that those words hurt. Even more than their sting was the self-doubt that they created inside me. I often thought, “Can I really do this? Do I have what it takes?”

Well of course I did have what it took. However, it would have been a lot easier for me not to have gone through that. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger I guess. However, don’t go out looking for it either.

Make 2013 Your Best Yet!

This year for me and Live Out Loud it’s all about Getting Lean and Mean(ingful) in 2013.

Join us when and where you can. Post below what your commitment is to yourself in 2013. I’d love to read it. We might just feature you in a future post.

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