Online Fast Cash…It’s Real and It’s Spectacular!

Online Fast Cash…It’s Real and It’s Spectacular!

Fast CashAs a general rule, those who typically become successful entrepreneurs are the people who come up with unique solutions to problems or challenges. This rule has continued to be proven true, again and again, in the technology space, especially as the world becomes more accustomed to the “here and now” provided by the increasing ease and portability of devices.

Along with the innovation model, technology has enabled the “fast cash” model to start popping up in completely new ways. As a result, a completely new wave of start-ups have appeared that allow all of us to make money on the side with our spare cash, our extra space, or our vehicles when we’re not using them.

Just as in the Three Days to Cash Workshop, new “micro-economies” are forming around using the resources we already have to bump up the bank account.

What types of marketplaces already exist? Take a look at these sites:

AirBNB has recently received quite a bit of publicity due to an angel investment by the King of Twitter, Ashton Kutcher, but the service flourishes because it’s simply a great idea. The service allows you to rent out your spare bedroom (or your entire house) by the night to travelers at the rate you set. For the most part, visitors are searching because the cost is far less than your average hotel room and allows for more of a “close to home” feel. Travelers are able to search and book a room from the web or via a mobile app.

Mobile car rental and sharing has also become a huge market, particularly for those living in urban areas. The most known service in the space is Zipcar, which allows you to rent out your vehicle in over 50 cities in the U.S. or the U.K. If you’re not in an urban area, Getaround allows you to get in on the action regardless of your location. In addition, Getaround recently took first place at Techcrunch Disrupt, a popular start-up and tech industry conference.

If you’re not looking to gain from your extra space or stuff, perhaps you’d just prefer to make a small loan to an up-and-coming business. If so, sites like Prosper or Lending Club may be your cup of tea. These services allow anyone to apply for a loan with some details and a credit check. Lenders are then able to determine whether a particular project or loan is worth the risk, or simply invest in a “portfolio” that allows diversity across various projects that are pre-screened by the services. The majority of these loans tend to be for small business capital, but they can be used for virtually anything that qualifies.

These are just a few examples of the hundreds of new sites and start-ups that can make you some fast cash online. What examples have you found? Do you have a success story from any of these services?

Share your experiences with us below!

  • Rick Cooper
    Posted at 17:16h, 07 June Reply

    It’s nice to know that banks aren’t the only game in town. Small business owners have the ability to get funds from alternate sources. And for the investor, that creates a great opportunity to capitalize on someone else’s efforts.

  • Jacobroig
    Posted at 18:13h, 07 June Reply

    Great share there are so many ways to market online and it can be daunting and intimidating trying to figure it all out. In my experience as an online marketer it is a slower build but the results are spectacular as soon as I got over the “being stuck” mode.
    The 3 days to cash workshop is a great place to make some “fast cash” and test the market before you launch in to massive action mode and realize that being stuck or blaming things for us not doing is no longer allowed!
    The small loan programs are awesome and have been available by Americans for other countries. Nice to see us focused on the homeland again!

  • Sandra McFadin
    Posted at 16:13h, 08 June Reply

    I do a more “grass roots” type of Fast Cash Machine and it’s seasonal, interesting and fun to boot. In addition to my full time day job, I hire myself out to a circle friends who have home based or small businesses who need temporary help at a moments notice. This works great for them and for me as well. Last week I helped a farmer friend who had a heirloom garden plant sale, the week before that I helped with packaging and shipping of artisan made homeopathic remedies, I helped edit and rework content for a home exchange program a friend runs. These types of temp (on demand) jobs can be developed in your area too. Try Craig’s List for people looking, or better yet, post an ad yourself listing your skills. Drop off fliers at your bustling local cafe’s bulletin board and never forget word of mouth!~

  • Sam Costello
    Posted at 03:20h, 11 June Reply

    Ricks comment reminds me of the Tunnel movie – it was bankrolled not by banks but through preselling frames of the film. The producers had enough money to get started on the film but then asked the global community to support it through donations. The request went viral and they had enough money to shoot, produce and distribute the film. Once the film was completed it was made available online for free – as well as via DVD sales.
    The exciting part is using the internet to bypass studios and banks and not be bound by their ideas of commercial success.

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