Operating Within Your Integrity

Operating Within Your Integrity

Have you ever gotten a pit in your stomach?  You know, the sick little feeling that told you something just wasn’t right? That’s how I feel when I’m being asked to do something, or someone is acting in a way, that is out of my integrity. Integrity is an important aspect of your character.  When you are acting in integrity, your energy is up. Things seem “right.” Out of integrity, here comes that pit in the stomach. When you align with those who are within your integrity, everything works. It all seems to click.  That’s because it does! My life works best when I surround myself with people who know their values, who stick to their values, and whose values are in alignment with mine.

Whenever you feel like something is out of integrity, ask yourself:

  • Does this feel right?
  • Does this bring me positive energy?
  • Would I be happy, without editing myself, to repeat this to someone I deeply respect?
  • Does this hold true to the values I hold dear?

If any of those answers are no, you are in danger of slipping out of integrity. I always stand on the side of what’s right. I still cringe when I see my name used on scam or ripoff sites, not just because what I see there is negative – what I see there is simply NOT TRUE. It’s a whole side industry where you can buy back your reputation, for a price.  In my book “Yes! Energy: The Equation to Do Less, Make More” I explain how these sites operate. It’s insidious, scary and downright stunning what they do.

I, however, operate within my integrity. I move on. I treat others as I would be treated and (as anyone who has met me will tell you) I deliver value every time.  Why? Because it’s how I do business.

How do you do business? What are some times when your integrity has been challenged or called into question? What did you do?  Operating within your integrity is a sure way to keep your 2C (confidence and certainty) intact.  Now get out there and be the amazing you I know you are!


  • Sandra McFadin
    Posted at 10:33h, 16 May Reply

    This is such a timely blog as the issue of integrity has come up for me in several instances in my life recently. It’s amazing how much of a “heavy” feeling is generated when something feels wrong. these are good questions you list and a great tool to identify and move in the best possible direction. thanks!

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