7 Steps to 7 Figures Strategic LinkedIn Marketing

‘Having learned the art of connecting and communicating, I learned what was really happening with the new direction of LinkedIn.’ -Wendy Stevens Click To Tweet

LinkedIn marketing is the new California gold rush. Since the acquisition by Microsoft, there have been subtle and not so subtle changes to LinkedIn. Today, we talk about how to strategically create a LinkedIn profile that will land the big clients that will send your bottom line soaring to 7 figures or whatever your goal may be. 

Wendy Stevens is a long-term client, a Big Table member, and a self-made millionaire. She now teaches high-end sales. Wendy is a LinkedIn expert who is helping us with strategically updating our profile. She talks about the changes that have happened since Microsoft has taken over, the constantly updating algorithm, how to get featured on ProFinder, and a 7 steps to 7 figures profile strategy.

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‘LinkedIn is filled with 50,000 experts, and everyone is looking to run into the California gold rush that is LinkedIn.’ -Wendy Stevens Click To Tweet

Show Notes

  • [01:20] Wendy was one of the first 200 certified Google adwords specialist.
  • [01:48] In 2007, Wendy began mastering the art of LinkedIn marketing.
  • [02:03] Microsoft paid $26 billion to acquire LinkedIn.
  • [02:28] Wendy worked with some of the people from Microsoft who rewrote the algorithm for LinkedIn.
  • [03:12] On LinkedIn, we are being evaluated for our influence score every single day.
  • [03:52] It’s important to be strategic about how you show up on LinkedIn.
  • [04:20] How to mind your LinkedIn account. Show up to be valuable first. Position yourself properly.
  • [05:23] Keys to a good profile: 7 sections in your LinkedIn profile. Headline – Keyword load your name. Put your keyword in your last name section. Use word cloud or keyword tools. Find your keyword and get in front of them.
  • [07:13] Tagline – this is where you clearly say exactly what you do. Summary – Only the first two lines show up. 67% happen on mobile. Have your first video show up in your experience section. Have keywords in the first two lines of your summary. Speak in the first person to your ideal avatar. What you do and how you help them.
  • [09:09] Create a video. Speak the pain of your ideal client. Say what they don’t want. Put it in the form of a question. Include social proof or a client that you helped. End the summary with a soft call to action.
  • [10:13] First experience section – name it claim it. Put your best foot forward. Upload a video testimonial from a client that you have actually helped.
  • [10:46] Go help someone and get a real testimonial. Guerilla marketing for free to get social proof.
  • [11:29] Have keyword in every experience section and in the title of every video. Upload a video for each thing you have experience in.
  • [11:35] These videos need to be uploaded to YouTube. You want the back links from YouTube.
  • [12:04] 7 sections, headline, tagline, summary, experience sections, add all 50 skills. Use all 50 skills. Then LinkedIn will promote you. They scan and re-rank on a multiple hourly basis.
  • [13:04] Find primary and secondary keywords. Seven sections. Reorder for the top three that you are known for.
  • [14:14] Have endorsements for your skill sets.
  • [14:33] Don’t get left behind, get endorsed for your top recommendations. Get recommendations. You can’t be the top performer without recommendations.
  • [15:16] ProFinder is when they choose to promote you throughout LinkedIn.
  • [15:41] Written and video recommendations.
  • [17:20] If you get your keywords woven in, you can actually have your own six figure funnel. It’s all traffic and conversions.
‘It's important to be strategic about how you show up on LinkedIn.’ -Wendy Stevens Click To Tweet

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