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“About 13% of Americans own their own business. The rest depend on business owners for everything.” -Steve Sipress Click To Tweet

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The results of marketing are leads, customers, and cash. It’s difficult to overemphasize the importance of marketing. It’s what all future business and earnings are based on. My guest today is Steve Sipress who is a world leader at systems that enhance marketing efforts and create better businesses.  

He specializes in business systems, selling systems, and marketing systems. Steve shares his background and how he stumbled upon developing systems for sports and then for businesses. He talks about how all businesses want to attract more clients and earn more money and how systems are the way to do that.

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“I help people make money with their business no matter what that business does.” -Steve Sipress Click To Tweet

Show Notes

  • Beautiful small coffee shop owner standing in facade.[01:55] When Steve was in law school, he wanted to create a way for all of his school friends to stay in touch. It was a game based on sports that kept them in touch. This was a form of fantasy football that he invented.
  • [03:19] It was popular, and he started a second league. He ended up charging and he turned his hobby into a business.
  • [04:25] People asked how he built this business. He started helping people and fell into another business.
  • [05:23] He then became a business consultant and helps people make money with their business no matter what they do.
  • [05:35] All businesses want to attract more clients, better clients, raise prices, and make more money. We all went to put systems in place, so we can work less and enjoy life more.
  • [06:32] The number mistake people make is not respecting marketing. Marketing is everything. That is where the money comes from.
  • [07:25] Marketing is what pays the bills.
  • [07:43] The WOW strategy. The target Who that you want to attract. Then you have to give them an irresistible Offer. The Ways you get your irresistible offer in front of your ideal target customer.
  • [09:48] Make a list of characteristics of your clients. You will find commonalities. Find out what drives them emotionally.  Getting into psychographics or why they want the money. Someone to make money to feel smart, someone to retire early, and some just want to make more money.
  • [11:18] If your target market is everyone then your customer will be no one. You have to have an individual message for each different target client.
  • [12:09] Everyone is different. Millennials vs baby boomers.
  • [12:44] Use social media and do some research and find out who your clients are. Find out what they want and what makes them tick.
  • [14:26] Mirror what they are thinking and then offer it to them.
  • [18:06] When you care about your prospects it’s not so tough to be curious and ask questions. Be honest and let them know you care about them and if you can’t help them find someone who can.
  • [19:38] People who run businesses supply jobs and keep the economy going.
  • [20:07] Don’t be afraid to talk in negative terms or use fear. Everyone has fears.
  • [20:44] Human beings are more motivated to take action against fear.
  • [22:15] 90% of businesses go out of businesses. They pay everyone first go into debt and then run out of money.
  • [23:09] People taking risk and doing good should make the most money of all.
  • [23:27] Find great people to hire.
  • [23:52] An entrepreneur is someone who takes assets and puts them together in a way to produce more assets.
“We all went to put systems in place, so we can work less and enjoy life more.” -Steve Sipress Click To Tweet

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