Episode 12: What You Need to Know to be Prepared for Rising Interest Rates with Weldon Wulstein

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President Trump has said many times that he will be raising our interest rates while he is in office, and while I don’t believe we will see a significant increase until at least late-Summer or early-Fall, I do believe that we should prepare ourselves before it happens. That is why I’ve decided to sit down with my CFO and Senior Tax Strategist, Weldon Wulstein, to get his opinion on what it would mean for our listeners if President Trump does, in fact, raise interest rates in the United States.

Weldon Wulstein joins me on the show today to share his advice, thoughts, and opinions on what might happen when the interest rates go up, how it will affect our currency, and what consumers need to know to properly prepare themselves for this increase.

“Banks are already anticipating an increase in interest rates.” – Weldon Wulstein

In This Episode of Real Money Talks:

  • How rising interest rates may affect consumers credit card debts and car loans.
  • Will a rise in interest rates make it more difficult to get a mortgage?
  • How the increase will affect other currencies, such as gold.
  • Why he believes it’s better to stay off Wall Street.

Weldon Wulstein’s Advice to Consumers:

  • Consider fixing your variable mortgage or interest rates.
  • Check your credit card cap.
  • Watch the market and pay attention to it.

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