Episode 5: Real Money Talks – The 7 Point System That Can Make You A Millionaire

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Take control of the wheel of your life called finance. Let’s get it going.

Loral’s 7-Point System to Becoming a Millionaire:

  1. Your relationship to money:
  • Do you have “Yes Energy?”
  1. Know where you are:
  • Know your starting point
  • Know your P&L’s and balance sheets
  • Know your income cashflow and expenses
  • Know your assets, liability, and net worth
  1. Have a Freedom Day:
  • Your Freedom Day is based on monthly cashflow
  • Decide how much money you want to make each month this year
  1. Your relationship to debt:
  • It’s not about “bad debt”
  • “Good debt” is debt you can leverage
  1. Keep your money:
  • Companies make money, individuals get taxed
  • Get incorporated
  1. Your money needs to make money:
  • Invest your money wisely
  1. Do it with a team:
  • Be a “team-made millionaire”

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