Episode 82: Valentine’s Day – Tips for Love and Dating that Translate to Better Business and Sales with Orion Talmay

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Valentine’s Day is this week. Love is in the air, and money is always in the air. World leading relationship coach Orion Talmay is here today to talk about dating tips that will make you irresistible, even as a sales person.

In this episode, we are going to tie the relationship pieces and the money pieces together. Upward of 90% of divorces happen because the money and relationship conversations don’t happen. Orion is a brilliant and beautiful woman and the perfect guest to tackle this topic.

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Show Notes

  • [01:33] Orion shares how she was in a bad relationship and completely broken. She also knew she could rise like a Phoenix and rebuild her life. She found motivation, traveled the world, and found the love of her life.
  • [02:45] She now has the best relationship of her life. It is her passion to help other women find the same thing.
  • [03:29] How manifesting your ideal relationship is like building a business. Tying the relationship pieces to money.
  • [04:11] With a business, you have to create a business plan. In the dating world, it is creating a vision for your dreams.
  • [04:24] Getting clarity on your vision of love the same way you would with your business. Focus on what you want, do your market research, and create your love avatar.
  • [05:24] Look at your dating world branding. What are you showing to the world?
  • [05:59] It takes about three seconds for people to judge you by your appearance and online presence.
  • [06:12] People gravitate towards your big powerful online presence and the energy that you bring.
  • [06:46] Look at your product development, if you are not larger than life.
  • [07:00] Marketing yourself to a potential mate is like marketing a business. However you show up anywhere is how you will show up everywhere.
  • [07:56] Having two different personas is hard and creates feelings of impostor syndrome. Be genuine and don’t try to appear as someone who you are not.
  • [08:37] It’s about showing the people who you are. People gravitate to people that are genuine.
  • [09:13] Meditate and visual, but you have to take action for anything to work. Like attracts like, and you get what you focus on.
  • [09:39] Orion is a big believer in the law of attraction, but you also have to take action. Get out of the house and hang out where your avatar or ideal mate is at.
  • [11:07] Actionable dating tips that can be applied to sales.
  • [11:13] Don’t fear rejection. Don’t stop dating. You have to kiss many frogs before finding that perfect date. Don’t take it personally, it’s not about you.
  • [11:54] It’s almost like you are being tested. Don’t give up.
  • [12:25] Keep following up with the prospect. Things change over time. People are dynamic.
  • [12:56] Build the relationship and make it about them.
  • [13:19] Be interested in your clients first. You are more interesting when you are interested. Listen to non-verbal cues and match people using their own language. Mirror their language.
  • [14:19] Cold calls are like blind dates. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. Do the work before and have a good presence online. Have a funnel, so these people will be hot leads.
  • [15:08] How a lot of women are too aggressive or too passive. There has to be an appropriate level of follow-up.
  • [15:56] How the days of men leading the money conversation are gone.
  • [16:19] Love language. The five languages of love. We all receive love in a different way, and something that is translated as love to one person, may not translate as love to another.
  • [16:47] Gifts can be a primary love language. Word of affirmation or being told they are loved. Physical touch being touched and caressed. Quality time doesn’t have to a lot of time, but it is being present in the moment. Acts of service take out the garbage or something useful. Gifts, words of affirmation, physical touch, quality time, and acts of service.
  • [18:15] When having the conversation with your client listen to their love language.
  • [18:56] How to gauge someone’s love language. With client’s its a pre consultation questionnaire or asking these questions in a clever way.
  • [20:33] Forging that long-term commitment.
  • [20:54] Gratitude is the best attitude. Always say things you love and are grateful for.
  • [21:54] Activating the reticular activating system or the RAS for love.
  • [23:16] Love and business is like a garden, and you have to keep adding to it.
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