Episode 9: How Your Daily Tactics Fulfill Your Overall Strategy

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To make money – I’m talking serious money – you need a plan. In today’s business society, many small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups tend to leave their business plan behind and “wing it” in their business and industry. What these business owners often don’t realize is that by not creating a sound business plan and sticking to it, they are ultimately setting themselves up for failure.

That’s why in today’s Real Money Talks conversations, I’m going to talk about how your vision for your business helps you create the strategies and tactics necessary to reach your goals and achieve success. I want you to really understand how the daily tactics and tasks you do for your business helps you fulfill that strategy and impact the overall success of your business while creating financial freedom for yourself and your family.

You don’t have personal values and professional values. As an entrepreneur, you can’t divide yourself.

In This Episode of Real Money Talks:

  • The components of an operational business plan.
  • The difference between strategies, tactics, and KPIs and how they help you reach your vision.
  • What visionary companies need in their business plan?
  • Why you need two to six strategies to help you reach your business.
  • The types of strategies you can use in your business to help you reach your goals.
  • Business tactics are everything that it takes – all the daily tasks – to get the work done to reach your goals.

Mentioned in This Episode:

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