Focusing on the Wants and Needs of Your Customer

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Customers are the backbone of almost any business. On this podcast, we focus on making money, keeping money, investing money, and having an integrated ninja team to help along the way. My guest today, is Zackary Babcock from the Underdog Empowerment Podcast. Zachary’s ninja skill is understanding and focusing on the customer.

Today, we talk about how to focus on your customer. We talk about finding out what your customers wants and needs and offering solutions to their problems. Zackary shares tips on how to create a customer avatar, even if you don’t have existing customers. He also shares his inspiring story of picking himself up when he had hit rock bottom.

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Show Notes

  • [01:54] Zachary spent over five years in prison stemming from drug charges. When he came home it was difficult to find a job. He started working at a bar and grill. Then he was hired at a clothing store, had tremendous sales, got promoted, and then fired for being a felon
  • [03:06] He ended up going back to prison and missed the birth of his children because of it.
  • [03:23] When he got out of prison, he became involved with a network marketing opportunity. He knew this wasn’t his true calling, and eventually made the jump into coaching.
  • [03:58] Zackary didn’t really have success until he started studying his audience and asking what are their core values and their core needs.
  • [04:58] He got crystal clear on the types of problems that his audience was having.
  • [05:05] If you don’t have clients, you can still create customer profiles by targeting the type of people you would like to work for.
  • [06:00] The offer has to be relevant to the customer’s core values and needs. Your message also has to resonate with the customer.
  • [08:26] Instead of a traditional funnel, Zackary likes to use a relationship funnel. He skips the introductory offer and goes straight to the core offer.
  • [10:12] You can still down sale to people who don’t purchase the offer.
  • [10:42] The main problem that Zackary solves is helping people get started. They need grit and tenacity, not every single resource.
  • [12:20] Zackary likes to use Clickfunnels, content from Russell Brunson, TubeBuddy, Dropbox, Photoshop, and more.
  • [13:55] Zackary hires copywriters to help attract organic traffic. People buy for emotion not features.
  • [15:42] Video quality production makes a difference, but you don’t have to make it too complicated. The most important thing is having good content and attracting the right people.
  • [16:54] Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 26. Don’t compare yourself to anyone but yourself from yesterday.
  • [18:09] Get clear on who you are serving and the problem that you solving.
‘I was able to attract my ideal audience once I got crystal clear on the types of problems that they were having.’ -Zackary Babcock Click To Tweet

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