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“Entrepreneurship was the thing that allowed me to fit in. It allowed me to create a vision. It allowed people to rally around what I was doing.” -Matt Brauning Click To Tweet

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Matt Brauning is a two-time best-selling author, master NLP trainer, entrepreneur, and leader in the field of business development. He was a self-made millionaire by the time he was 25 years old. He is the host of The Purpose Driven Entrepreneur podcast and was featured in The Journey with Brian Tracy and Bob Proctor.

Matt is here today to talk about how to make money based on the seven drives or key principles that leading entrepreneurs and business people have in common. We talk about how our drives change over time, the importance of being transparent and congruent, and the surprising drive that has inspired many ultra successful people.

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The Purpose Driven Entrepreneur Podcast

“As we mature, our drives change. I went from the significance drive to the contribution drive overnight.” -Matt Brauning Click To Tweet

Show Notes

  • entrepreneur enjoys staying on the beach[01:56] Matt’s book is called The Firebox Principle it’s almost like a story of entrepreneurs and visionaries.
  • [02:35] Matt always felt like he was trying to fit in and looking from the outside-in until he started his first business at 22 years old.
  • [02:52] Entrepreneurship was what changed Matt’s life.
  • [03:04] The seven drives.
  • [03:12] Matt look at the origin stories of visionary entrepreneurs. They had seven deep motivational drives to create what they created.
  • [04:23] If you understand your deep unconscious drive and the reason you do what you do, your actions will be congruent and you will be driven by the correct principles.
  • [04:25] The significance drive, the artisan drive, the world impact drive, the contribution drive, the spiritual drive, the thrive drive, and the avenger drive.
  • [04:46] Significance is because you want to be important. Artisan is because it’s beautiful. You want to change the trajectory of the Earth with the world impact drive. Contribution drive is about the people. Spiritual drive is because the Creator said so. Thrive drive is about money and success.  The avenger drive is about taking a wrong and making it right.
  • [05:49] Drives change over time they’re not a personality profile.
  • [06:12] When Matt was young, he was driven by the significance drive.
  • [07:42] I went from the significance drive to the contribution drive overnight.
  • [08:04] If you find yourself shifting drives realize it but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.
  • [09:04] All of the drives have successful entrepreneurs behind them.
  • [09:15] The Avenger drive is an overarching one among successful entrepreneurs.
  • [11:15] Once you find out what your drive is wave the flag and share your story with everyone.
  • [12:03] If your drives aren’t congruent, you can always change them.
  • [13:10] You gain wealth by having a story and real reasons and authenticity behind why you do what you do.
  • [13:41] NLP can help behavioral change. You can take control of your brain and have influence over your life.
  • [14:56] Association disassociation is one of the most underrated techniques in NLP. Looking through a memory in your own eyes is called associated. Watching the memory is called disassociated.
  • [15:40] You can consciously decide when to associate. When you associate with your own eyes the motivation is higher.
  • [16:38] The difference between what you do is based on your association in the morning.
  • [17:03] Look through your mind’s eye to accomplish the things you want to accomplish, and it will create more motivation.
  • [17:59] We will always fail and be overwhelmed but the question is what are we going to do with it?
“Greatness cannot be fabricated, it can only be forged with a pickaxe and a shovel of determination.” -Matt Brauning Click To Tweet

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