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Building your online presence is critical for every business in today’s world. In order to scale, you don’t just need a high-quality website–you need a powerful SEO and online marketing strategy. Today, we are going to discuss how to scale your business online with SEO, along with killer tips, tools and techniques, with SEO prodigy and expert Chloe Spencer.

Chloe Spencer is the Marketing Manager & SEO Specialist for Live Out Loud. Chloe started her first company when she was 14 with a fan site that ranked at the top of Google and made her thousands of dollars a month. She started speaking professionally at 16, and has been running an SEO and online marketing agency since she was 19. She has been featured on MSNBC, ABC, 9News, Huffington Post and more.

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Chloe Spencer
Chloe’s MSNBC Interview
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ʿBlack hat links might work for a little bit but sooner or later Google will find out, and it will come back to bite you.ʾ -Chloe Spencer Click To Tweet

Show Notes

  • [01:46] Chloe is an SEO expert. Today, we are going to talk about how Chloe got into SEO.
  • [02:16] Chloe’s dad is Stephan Spencer, one of the top SEO experts in the world. He was a great mentor, but he didn’t build her company for her.
  • [02:26] Her first site was a fan site for, a virtual pet site, that she monetized with Google AdSense ads. It ranked at the top of Google and she received tens-of-thousands of daily pageviews.
  • [03:08] When she was 16, she started speaking professionally, and she started doing SEO for clients at 19. She is also a brilliant SEO coach.
  • [03:59] How high quality websites and podcasts should utilize SEO. Components that contribute to really great SEO.
  • [04:14] Search Engine Optimization has two pillars; on-page SEO and off-page SEO.
  • [04:27] On-page includes content, keywords, technical SEO, page speed, etc. Off-page is about link building and building authority. Content quality has to be compelling, but off-page SEO is almost more important, because Google is concerned with trustworthiness determined by who is linking to you.
  • [05:24] You need high-quality sites linking to you in order to have the ability to rank.
  • [05:38] Majestic is the top tool to check link authority. Look at the Trust Flow metric. Aim for a 20 or 30 at the very least.
  • [06:55] You build Trust Flow by building up your links. Be careful that you don’t hurt your SEO with link building.
  • [07:31] Spammy links are going to be really detrimental to your SEO and your rankings because they lower your link authority.
  • [07:37] Spammy links can actually get you a manual penalty from Google.
  • [08:03] Black hat links might work for a little bit but sooner or later Google finds out and it will come back to bite you.
  • [08:10] Do your link building correctly by being clever and creative. Create really amazing and compelling content.
  • [08:22] Don’t just post your blog content on your little corner of the Internet. Push it out to the world and get eyeballs on it. Work with influencers, advertising, and SEO your articles.
  • [09:21] Black hat link building is going against Google’s guidelines and doing things like mass article generation and low-quality link schemes. Things like; submitting to spammy link directories and link farms, mass blogpost comments, and mass low-quality blog posts.
  • [10:10] The worst is comment spamming blogs. Often, these are no-follow and don’t pass any link juice anyway.
  • [11:07] Shady link schemes will get you penalized. The difference between black hat and white hat is really just following Google’s guidelines.
  • [11:18] White hat focuses on creating awesome user content.
  • [13:07] Ask your potential SEO firm if link quality or link quantity is the most important. High quality links are the most important; quality over quantity.
  • [13:53] The Yoast SEO plugin is good for optimizing title tags and meta descriptions, but don’t worry about the whole red light/green light aspect that it gives you. Your title tags are the most important spot for your keywords, and usually shows up as the title of your listing in the search results.
  • [15:49] Focusing on keyword density could get you close to keyword stuffing. It’s about where your keywords are. Title tags, headings, subheadings, once or twice in the body copy.
  • [16:20] SEO and social media. SEO is critical to rank in Google. While social media marketing is still necessary, don’t neglect SEO. SEO is not dead.
  • [18:41] Using social media to drive traffic to your website can help with SEO. Google does look at how much traffic you are getting.
  • [19:55] Google Search Console and Google Analytics. These are necessary for every website.
  • [20:33] Moz Keyword Explorer.
  • [21:22] One of the biggest mistakes people make is not using keyword research tools. Moz is fantastic.
  • [21:41] Rank Ranger is great for tracking rankings. It’s important to track your mobile rankings as well as your desktop rankings. It’s also important to make sure that your site is mobile friendly.
  • [22:13] Link Research Tools is awesome for looking at your link profile and toxcitiy.
  • [22:35] Use Link Research Tools to run a Link Detox report, and then disavow any spammy links.
  • [22:40] Pitchbox is really great for reaching out to bloggers and influencers.
  • [23:26] The number one thing that everyone needs to know about SEO is that it takes time, and is an ongoing necessity.
ʿSpammy links are only going to be detrimental to your SEO and your rankings because they lower your link authority.ʾ -Chloe Spencer Click To Tweet

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