Marketing Is the Answer to Everything

‘I have built a system around marketing to help my clients make money first.’ -Adam Kipnes Click To Tweet

Business strategist and extraordinary marketer Adam Kipnes is here today to talk about how marketing is the answer to everything. Marketing is what starts everything in your business. People and businesses make money through marketing and marketing strategies. Marketing and tracking your revenue generating activities need to come first.

We also talk about putting strategy before tactics and finding your ideal customer and knowing what you want to say to them. Adam talks about the system he has built to put marketing first to make clients money, the five major components of a marketing plan, and his strategies that you need to start using in your business today.

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Show Notes

  • [01:36] For the past 18 years, Adam has been working with small business entrepreneurs to help them grow their business.
  • [02:05] In this time, Adam has learned what small business owners are doing wrong when it comes to marketing.
  • [02:25] Adam’s goal is to find new revenue through marketing techniques, and then utilize that money to build a better business.
  • [02:48] Why do people need marketing first? Small business owners need more money. The reason small businesses owners need more money first is because they don’t usually have money set aside to grow the business.
  • [03:27] Being better at your business doesn’t grow your business. Marketing grows your business.
  • [03:59] The five major components to marketing and marketing plan. Leads, conversions, transactions, higher prices, and more profits for your business. More leads is the first component.
  • [04:12] Sales and conversions is the second component. Once you get people to say yes, you want to have a plan to get them to say yes again. This is part of the marketing funnel.
  • [04:46] Once you have repeat customers, you can raise your price point. This will drive more money into your pocket.
  • [04:57] Once you have these things, you have strong sales, pricing power, and more profit.
  • [05:37] Conversions is getting people to say yes to you. The key to a good conversion is understanding the problem that the prospect has and the solution you deliver.
  • [08:39] An example are the drinks in front of the cash register at Home Depot.
  • [08:58] Think about things that you can offer your clients.
  • [09:43] It’s important to put the revenue-generating side of your business first.
  • [10:36] Before you do anything, ask if what you are about to do will get you paid?
  • [11:05] Also ask if what you are about to do will serve your purpose?
  • [11:22] Does what you are about to do need to be done by you?
  • [11:53] Does what you are about to do need to be done at all? Cut out activities that don’t add value.
  • [12:27] Get off the treadmill of just doing the work every day, and implement the things that you need to do to make money.
  • [12:51] Produce a revenue chart. Tie everything you do with revenue production.
  • [14:01] The purpose of the funnel is to get people engaged with you. Get them ready to buy your high ticket or more expensive services.
  • [14:17] You can offer something of value to get people to engage like a free report. Once they engage, you can then move to a book or a lower end service, then get them to engage with you personally, then move to something high end like a coaching program.
  • [15:30] The engagement process can be through Facebook, face-to-face, or even through a podcast. Try to get initial engagement that your audience cannot say no to.
  • [16:33] Funnels work because you get value, create value, and your customers know, like, and trust you.
  • [17:26] The first step is knowing who your customer is and what you want to say to them.
  • [17:50] The strategic side is first. Then the tactical side is finding out where these people are at.
  • [19:36] We have people who know us today that are low hanging fruit when it comes to capturing leads. Start with the people who already know, like, and trust you.
  • [20:14] These people can also be referrals or joint venture partners.
  • [21:19] You can download a free book from Adam at  How to Make More Money in Your Business: 8 Strategies You Better Start Using in Your Business Today!
  • [21:38] The first strategy is how to use messaging on a lead capture page. A lead capture gives visitors one thing and one thing only to do.
  • [22:08] The second chapter talks about joint ventures. Think about the other people who sell to your client.
  • [22:56] Statistics show that people buy from the fifth to eighth contact. Having a drip campaign is critical.
  • [23:19] The last chapter talks about how to make more money through the use of bundling versus discounting.
‘My goal is to find you new revenue through marketing techniques, and then utilize that money to build a better business.’ -Adam Kipnes Click To Tweet

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