Ninja Tricks for Automating Marketing and Sales

‘The number one thing you need to do to grow your business is build a segmented list.’ -Darin Adams Click To Tweet

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The single most important focus for growing a business is sales and marketing. Building a database of customers and potential customers is critical. But to communicate effectively with your customers you need to understand where they come from and what they are interested in. You need to segment your list to communicate effectively with clients and potential clients.

Darin Adams is an expert at growing small businesses and sales and marketing using Infusionsoft. Today, we discuss how setting up and automating your marketing efforts from the beginning is one of the most important things that you can do for your business. We talk about list segmenting, lead nurturing, CRM software, API integrations, and smart ninja tricks to get started automating and tracking your sales and marketing efforts.

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‘You need to know information about the people on your list.’ -Darin Adams Click To Tweet

Show Notes

  • businesswoman thinking and plan business strategy[01:22] Darin has a background in broadcasting and worked with small business owners. He helped them with their message in their marketing.
  • [01:54] When Darin discovered Infusionsoft, he knew it was a great combination. It combined his love of teaching people and helping people with marketing.
  • [02:10] His focus is growing, building and automating business.
  • [02:15] He travels around and teaches people how to grow their business.
  • [02:25] Marketing and sales. The single thing a business owner can do to jump start their business.
  • [02:46] The number one thing you need to be doing is building a segmented list.
  • [02:56] People often think the value of their business is the product or service, but it’s really in the list.
  • [03:17] The importance of marketing and having a database of customers.
  • [03:46] Your list isn’t very helpful, unless you know actual information about the people on it.
  • [04:12] Breaking things down into segments lets you know exactly who the people are and what they are interested in.
  • [04:26] The money comes in when you have tools in place to grow the list and collect data on the people on the list.
  • [05:07] How people think their website and even Facebook are critical to their businesses.
  • [05:41] A website is one arm of your business. It can be used to drive people to your database.
  • [06:59] You want to know how people come to your list, so you can communicate out to them.
  • [07:12] Your customer relationship management tool or CRM allows you to communicate out to them and make money.
  • [07:40] Information in a segmented list.
  • [08:44] The beauty of Infusionsoft is that it allows you to tag people, so you know how you first engaged.
  • [09:21] You can tag people, so that you understand how to communicate with them.
  • [11:47] Ways to capture leads include a landing page, a webinar, life events with text integration or a website integration, and free gifts or lead magnets.
  • [13:32] Once you have your leads you need to nurture those relationships. People don’t buy on the first contact.
  • [13:45] Find out what their pain is and how to solve it. That will build relationships and trust.
  • [14:08] You also need to be able to track what they’re doing like if their opening emails or clicking on links.
  • [14:44] Map out the process to take your customer from step A to B and automate the process.
  • [15:08] Tracking people will allow you to make the right offers at the right time.
  • [15:43] The number one way to grow a business is to use your existing business.
  • [16:21] Lifecycle marketing. Drive the leads, nurture the leads, track the leads, make offers depending on what they’re doing, make sales, and follow up and turn customers into raving fans.
  • [17:15] Infusionsoft integrates with so many other companies.
  • [17:43] Integrating Facebook retargeting with Infusionsoft will allow you to target specific groups.
  • [18:03] You can also use text integration with tools like FixYourFunnel, Call loop, Salesmsg, PlusThis, or Twilio.
  • [18:28] You can use the system to integrate texting.
  • [18:38] PicSnippets allows you to personalize a photo. Sending what looks like a personalized photo to someone is amazing.
  • [19:23] SoTellUs let’s you capture video referrals. Folklore Creative makes animated people.
  • [21:23] For a small business with Infusionsoft you can have a full integrated marketing sales and accounting software.
  • [21:58] You need a CRM and a system like this from day one. When you start collecting leads. You need something to do with those leads.
  • [22:25] This is more important than a website or formulating what your actual product is. This is the most important foundational tool for any business.
  • [23:06] You can API QuickBooks on to the end of this, and as always don’t forget to get incorporated.
‘Relationships take time, and all successful businesses are built on relationships.’ -Darin Adams Click To Tweet

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