The Potential of Digital Currency with Fli Mackie

“Whatever you do with your money give at least 10% of it away. This principle will always come back to you 1000%.” -Fli Mackie Click To Tweet

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Digital currency and crypto is going to be the next boom. We are fortunate that even though many fortunes have been made, it’s not too late to get into trading. My guest today is a highly recommended bitcoin expert who is one of the speakers at my event.

Fli Mackie is a bitcoin expert who has made millions trading. He has his own trading method named after himself and a radio show about bitcoin. He is here today to talk about buying in the dip, the importance of giving 10% away, the potential of digital currency, and much more.

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“Bitcoin is a day traders dream. It can move 10 to 20% in a day.” -Fli Mackie Click To Tweet

Show Notes

  • [02:06] 10 years ago a friend of Fli’s got 600 bitcoin. They knew that someday it would be worth something.
  • [03:20] Fli has always been a trader on the market. His dad would trade and let him pick stocks as a kid.
  • [03:46] Over the last 30 years, Fli has done really well and created his own trading method. He keeps 30% long, 30% short, and 30% liquid. He gives the other 10% away.
  • [04:22] When the market drops it’s a great time to be buying. Most people don’t understand that you buy in the dip. You make your fortune buying incrementally.
  • [05:45] Fli has been buying bitcoin for 10 years, but he got really serious about it 5 years ago.
  • [06:30] There are 12000 exchanges where you can open up a wallet and put your money in and start trading.
  • [07:26] Fli has a platform where you can buy, and he does all the trading.
  • [07:53] Blockchain verifies who you are and whether you have money. It’s on immutable ledger. it’s going to eliminate all of the fraud.
  • [09:19] Blockchain verification is going to be huge in all industries. Real estate can close in one day with blockchain technology.
  • [11:09] Blockchain is going to turn social media upside down and require the advertisers to pay us.
  • [11:50] Blockchain will turn the healthcare system upside down with smart document verification.
  • [13:00] Digital money is online. The evolution of the internet and the evolution of money. Fiat money is inflationary.
  • [14:30] There are a million bits in a bitcoin. There are 100 Satoshi per bit.
  • [15:10] There is zero inflation involved with bitcoin.
  • [15:33] If you’ve been buying incrementally in the dips, you have the opportunity to sell when it hits that bounce.
  • [16:38] Trade bitcoin for other coins and buy and sell the coins as they move and buy more bitcoin.
  • [19:41] Keeping bitcoin safe. Cold storing is downloading the codes off of the Internet and keeping them safe. The codes are only in the wallets when doing trades.
  • [22:44] The Fli Mackie cryptocurrency show is on 1100 KFNX.
“Blockchain verifies who you are and whether you have money. It's an immutable ledger. It's going to eliminate all of the fraud.” -Fli Mackie Click To Tweet

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