Trends to Fill a Room When Doing an Event with Linda Cain

'The quickest way to build visibility is to get out there and be on other people's stages.' -Linda Cain Click To Tweet


Linda Cain is an event specialist. She has been involved with presenting live events for the past 20 years. Event dynamics have shifted over the past few years. There are more coaches and transformational leaders looking for event audiences, and the Internet has been a game changer.


Today, we talk about current trends when it comes to filling a room for an event and how to keep your event in the black. We talk about online methods including video series, webinars, and Facebook Live. We also talk about keeping costs down, creating a one sheet, collaborating with like minded speakers, and sharpening your speaking game.


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'A really cool new trend is that more people are coming together in 50 or 60 person Internet rooms.' -Linda Cain Click To Tweet

Show Notes

  • [01:10] Linda has been doing live events and corporate events for over 20 years. She started with corporate, legal, and international.  She has spent the last 12 years working in the live event industry.
  • [01:56] Linda and I both know how to lock in an event so you are in the black.
  • [02:15] Marketing and strategies for packing a room.
  • [02:28] Twenty years ago it was a lot easier to fill a room for corporate people, coaches, and transformational leaders.
  • [02:41] You just send out a flyer or make an announcement and people would show up. It was that easy.
  • [03:09] An event host or producer could count on the speaker to bring 50 or 60 people.
  • [03:27] Things have shifted. Coaches have large lists, but the people on the list don’t go out to events.
  • [03:39] A really cool new trend is that more people are coming together in Internet rooms.
  • [04:11] People are able to do workshops and get their information out and sell to people in those smaller 50 or 60 group Internet rooms.
  • [04:41] The new trend of getting people into rooms.
  • [04:49] The engagement process. You have to hard market within three months of your event and keep your prospects engaged the entire time
  • [05:53] With the engagement process, you can send your prospects information each week. You can send them a video one week then a blog post the next week. Whatever it takes to keep them engaged.
  • [06:48] You can also do joint projects with speakers and guests you’re going to have. Use things like podcast interviews and Facebook Live.
  • [07:28] Facebook Live needs to be structured and organized.
  • [07:46] The key to Facebook Live is the engagement process and having a regular schedule. Also have substance and personality.
  • [08:24] Video series – it works well to have a series that keeps people engaged during the process. Do short 20 minute hits where people can get in and then get out. The same thing works for webinar series. Putting the same webinar series out 10 different times will start to drive traffic.
  • [09:59] Speaking engagements. In the beginning of the speaker’s career, they need a speaker sheet. It needs a great bio with a great picture and two or three topics they speak about plus testimonials. As you grow, you can even add ROI.
  • [11:21] Have a really good signature topic and presentation.
  • [12:11] Perfect your presentation skills and have a really good one sheet.
  • [12:56] You have to do your homework and know your audience.
  • [13:21] You can also approach other speakers that talk about similar topics and approach a company as one speaking body or program.
  • [15:32] The pay to play model. This is great when you’re first starting out. You can also pay a little upfront and then do a split of sales on the backend.
  • [17:27] How to get sponsors. To get a sponsor, you need to give them time on stage or space in a vendor section.
  • [20:34] When having your event in a hotel, put a nice banner up and have a theater style room. You do a catering contract with the hotel. This means you look for space that is not being used for other events.
  • [23:13] Get out and speak.
  • [24:50] Get creative and innovative and have people invest in themselves to come to an event.
'You have to hard market within three months of your event and keep your prospects engaged the entire time.' -Linda Cain Click To Tweet

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