Using NLP to Create Massive Impact in Your Business and Your Life

‘I knew there was something more than real estate. I wanted to change people’s lives and become a life coach.’ -Matt Brauning Click To Tweet

My company and podcast is about making money, keeping money, and investing money wisely. Communication is the key to increasing the potential of money and exploring the best options to keep, make, and grow money. I am a huge fan of neuro linguistic programming or NLP when it comes to having conversations about money that influence people in the right way. 


Matt Brauning is a speaker, best selling author, and master NLP trainer. He became a self-made millionaire by the time he was 25. He runs seminars all over the world and has worked with Tony Robbins, was in the movie “The Journey” with Brian Tracy and Bob Proctor, and has worked with countless Fortune 100 companies. Today, Matt shares some of the amazing potential that NLP offers to improve our business and our lives. 

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‘Every habit whether good or bad has a trigger that starts it.’ -Matt Brauning Click To Tweet

Show Notes 

  • [02:48] What Matt and Loral do are so collaborative and integrative. NLP and communication is critical for success. 
  • [03:15] Matt started out in financial services and real estate. 
  • [03:22] When Matt was 18, he worked with brothers who were in the mortgage business. He learned everything about credit and mortgages and took his first vacation to Cancun at 18 and bought his first house at 19.  
  • [04:02] By the time he was 25, he had a five million-dollar portfolio and was a self-made millionaire. 
  • [04:28] After going to a Tony Robbins seminar, Matt fell in love with the concept of changing lives and changing patterns, and he knew that there was something more for him to do. 
  • [05:03] Matt wanted to change people’s lives and became a life coach. 
  • [05:29] New seasons and coming into the season change. Whether you’re going into real estate or getting out of real estate there are seasons and times for change. 
  • [05:43] What is NLP and why is it important? The lost user manual for the brain.  
  • [06:43] The way we imagine our memories both past and future visions are what NLP centers on quite a bit. A shift in the way we internalize processes and the way that we internalize memories.  
  • [07:08] Reliving memories over and over again make them more vivid. Pretty soon we are reliving lives. 
  • [07:16] The ways that our brain works is so complex. Science hasn’t even scratched the surface. 
  • [08:31] NLP is about looking at what my subjective interaction with my environment is. 
  • [08:57] NLP is a study of why we do what we do and how to change deep unconscious habits that don’t serve us. 
  • [09:33] Why having a high awareness is so critical for being successful. 
  • [09:57] People think of NLP and personal development in general as just goal setting or positive thinking.  
  • [10:20] Positive thinking isn’t the message. The message is positive habits.  
  • [10:35] Our habits are everything. The behavior we do over and over again. What do we do with surplus money in the bank. We all have unconscious desires and habits.  
  • [11:47] Rewiring the mind to conquer severe phobias. Judging things by what the outcome is. 
  • [12:56] Phobias are habits. Look at the unconscious neural pattern that establishes the habit in the first place. 
  • [14:51] Unconscious or deep ingrained phobias. Surface level and deep level. 
  • [16:46] It’s too late to intervene when you’re already in the middle of the behavior. 
  • [17:25] Go back to the exact moment when you are doing the undesired behavior and then go back an hour before that behavior. Find the exact trigger second in time. Scramble that picture in your mind, and you can’t play the pattern again.  
  • [19:22] Every habit whether good or bad has a trigger that starts it. 
  • [19:54] It’s all attitudes and habits. But before that there’s always a trigger. We need to get to the heart of the trigger. 
  • [20:13] These skills will enhance your life, your education, your relationships, and your ability to create wealth and money. 
  • [20:27] These communication and presentation skills have enabled me to raise large amounts of money. 
  • [21:24] How to get started with NLP.  
  • [21:36] Find an immersive seminar type environment. Find a live place to learn and try this information. 
‘NLP is about how to get your life off of autopilot.’ -Matt Brauning Click To Tweet

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