The Power of Influence and Networking

The Power of Influence and Networking

Power of InfluenceThere is great power in influence.

One of the things I talk about in my new book, Yes! Energy: The Equation To Do Less, Make More, is influence.  Not just yours but also the influence of others on your behalf.

It’s your power of influence within your business networks that can greatly increase your sales, land those deals and meet influential people that you need to so you can move your business forward much faster.

How can you build this seemingly magical power?

Robert Cialdini defined six “weapons of influence”: reciprocity, commitment, social proofauthority, liking and scarcity. These “weapons of influence” attempt to bring about conformity by directed means. Persuasion can occur through appeals to reason or appeals to emotion.

Your power of influence is most needed in your leadership roles in work and life.

The power and influence theory of leadership states that leadership is based on the nature of the relationships between leaders and the people who follow them, which are shaped by the power and influence exerted by the leaders, rather than on the exceptional abilities those leaders as individuals are supposed to possess.

Simply put, the power of influence (aka authority) is more important than even your abilities when it comes to leadership, particularly of your teams – business team and wealth team (and even family, really).

How do you build a circle of influence that can help you achieve your life goals?

Build Your Network of Contacts

Whether you’re a solo-preneur or a high-end consultant, a Fortune 500 CEO or a programmer looking for a job, your contacts can mean everything to your future.

Cultivating your network is essential. Go to meet-ups, seminars, conventions and other events as much as possible and get to know the players in the industry.

Build real relationships — this isn’t about gaining acquaintances! This is about becoming known and gaining influence.

What Goes Around Comes Around

Whether you believe in karma or not, this type of attitude works well for everyone involved.

What benefit might come around if you have coffee with someone you met and could give them valuable advice about their business? Maybe nothing. But just maybe that person knows someone who can help you in your business and their testimonial about you might be that foot in the door with that influential person you’ve needed to meet with.

The business community is a cycle of give and take — and reciprocity. It’s about influence, yours and those you know. Those who are generous about sharing their ideas, their time and their contacts often find the same in return. You might not see the benefits right away, but the good will you build will come back to you.

It engenders what Cialdini refers to as reciprocity.  In other words, people will respond in kind, returning benefits for benefits.

Build a reputation for helping people, not taking their money. Do this consistently and your reputation and power of influence and persuasion will increase dramatically.

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