Get Off Your Lazy Assets

Get Off Your Lazy Assets

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Discover The Nine Assets You Already Have To Build Substantial Wealth – In Any Economy

Lake Tahoe, NV (11/20/08) – America’s money maker, author of three NY Times best selling books and Dr. Phil’s “Money Expert,” Loral Langemeier offers tried and true methods to discover YOUR ASSETS for building wealth in her just released, interactive E-book, GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASSETS.

Most people can barely get their active income over expenses, let alone figure out how to create passive income. Sure, wealth creation is about money working for you. But you have to make the money first, you have to learn to earn.

You have everything it takes to have everything you ever wanted. Propel your natural assets into cash by uncovering your skills, adjusting your attitude, translating your talent into a valued currency, claiming a vision, getting clarity, building and engaging a community, taking leadership, control and action.

These nine assets are available to you. You just need to understand and engage them to create abundance and reach financial freedom.

“I believe in the Law of Attraction. That’s why I was glad to appear in The Secret video and participate in the widespread enthusiasm about the subject. These rules of energy, thought, behavior and attitude have always dominated my life and every time I say something it seems to happen,” says Loral.

Just being able to talk about money is an asset. It helps you gain financial understanding. But most families, communities, and schools don’t talk about money. And if you took the time to look for more information, you probably discovered that there is very little written about wealth creation, and what is written is conceptual, not how-to. The time has come for a book that has the money conversation. This book will help you use what you have to take control and get what you want, no matter what that is.

Eventually, you will create many-times the amount of money you need to live so that you easily cover your expenses. And then a large percentage of your cash flow will go back into your assets and building your wealth. Wealth building has to do with how you make your money, how you keep it, and how you grow it.

Go to and read the first chapter. It’s on Loral…totally free.

That is how dedicated Loral is to getting you started on your path to wealth.


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