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Loral Langemeier on the Dr. Phil Show

Loral is a frequent guest on National TV. Above is a clip from one of
the episodes of her appearances on the Dr Phil Show and Canada AM.

Loral Langemeier Bio:
Loral Langemeier is one of today’s most dynamic and pioneering financial strategists. A New York Times best-selling author and a leading motivational speaker, Loral has spurred thousands across the country from dazed apathy and fear of finance to millionaire status by giving them the simple tools to launch innovative businesses that generate cash and build wealth. [Full Story] [Timeline]

Live Out Loud:
After creating her own financial freedom and reaching a net worth of $1 million, it was then that Loral Langemeier decided she would start a coaching and seminar company to provide a catalyst that would allow others to reach this same level of success. The company started small with one office in Novato, California in 2002 and within 5 years grew to a $19 million dollar company. During that time, the organization expanded to its current size which includes 3 locations: Novato, California, South Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and Carson City, Nevada. [Website]

The Millionaire Maker:
Loral Langemeier, also know as The Millionaire Maker,is a national best selling author of The Millionaire Maker 3-book series. Loral has helped people coming from DIVERSE backgrounds and situations. We have millionaires in the making to include moms, teens, employed, unemployed, self employed, real estate investors, people who have been on the edge of collapse, and those losing their houses and jobs – people from all “walks” of life are in my community. Many can be made available in a few days for you to interview and/or add to a show. [About Her Books]

Press Releases:
“Millionaire Maker” Loral Langemeier Is The Fresh Face On Finance
Loral teaches individuals and businesses how to turn around recent losses and get financial plans in place to build wealth despite today’s tough economic climate. Bend, OR (10/30/08)…Financial mentor, millionaire maker, best selling author and Dr. Phil’s new “Money Matters” expert, Loral Langemeier helps troubled families and businesses learn how to properly plan and make more money than they ever thought possible with her tried and true principles of wealth building. [Full Story]

Get Off Your Lazy Assets — Discover The Nine Assets You Already Have To Build Substantial Wealth – In Any Economy
Lake Tahoe, NV (11/20/08)… America’s money maker, author of three NY Times best selling books and Dr. Phil’s “Money Expert,” Loral Langemeier offers tried and true methods to discover YOUR ASSETS for building wealth in her just released, interactive E-book, GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASSETS.
[Full Story]


James Sheppard was a student of Loral’s and they are partners in the company Vetrazzo, LLC (formerly Counter Production, LLC). Since 1996 the company has manufactured Vetrazzo™, an award-winning and innovative surface material made with 100% recycled glass. Vetrazzo is primarily used as a sustainable alternative to granite for kitchen, bathroom, and commercial countertops and is widely considered a leader in the rapidly growing market for green building materials. [Full Story]

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