Put On Your Running Shoes!

Put On Your Running Shoes!

Working for yourself isn’t all hammocks and Mai Tais, at least not when you first start.  You will get there. You will! But right off the bat, you need to put on your running shoes and get down the business of making cash. You are sourcing your gifts and leveraging your strengths to build a business. And, to build a business, you need to get out there. Yes, you can find customers anywhere but the one place you won’t find them is in your cozy home office with your dog at your feet. Your dog is great, but what you need to be in front of are humans – real humans who have real cash to give you.  This is where too many entrepreneurs slip up a bit. They don’t get out there! They don’t hop on planes to educate themselves.  They don’t involve themselves in their communities and put themselves out there face-to-face.  That’s where real relationships are built. Instead, they stay at home and hope the Internet will bring them leads, when its both online and offline marketing that will deliver the one-two punch they need to really grow their lists.

When you wake up in the morning, put on your running shoes and get out there!  20 contacts a day – that is your goal. Make sure you are equiped with business cards and something to take an order with – the business is out there.  You just need to go get it!  If you aren’t out there meeting them, someone else is and someone else is putting your cash in their pocket. It’s not a comfortable thought.  The only way to get comfortable is to get out there and build your business!

What are you doing today to put on your running shoes and meet new people? I want to hear from you!

  • Lois Threlkeld + Amy Yoshimitsu
    Posted at 23:08h, 09 May Reply

    Run with your new shoes and meet people and make phone calls to set up meetings. Set a goal to make 30 calls an hour and you will get results.
    Simple little actions done consistently over time, will add up to the success you desire.

  • Paul Humphreys
    Posted at 17:37h, 16 May Reply

    At the moment – After I see a regular client, or visit a new enquiry, i now make sure I have 50 fliers with tips on one side and an offer based on the idea Loral gave Margaret in January Make-Over – I call it the “Your Business Books – Got Questions/Need Help? – get a FIX-IT-TODAY Session $150” – unlimited time, problems solved, 5 essential Reports…and more… Many are attracted, but it is hard to get commitment even in Aust – people have clamped down – but they now know about us, and have tips to do some themselves, and when they are wanting help – I plan to keep in their mind and be the one they think of first!

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