Are You Putting Yourself On Sale?

Are You Putting Yourself On Sale?

Woman and For Sale SignIt wasn’t until I started working with Live Out Loud that learned that I needed to be putting myself on sale.  Worse, most of the time, I was outright giving myself away! I was stunned by the number of things I was doing for free that I could have turned into a cash machine.  For example, my friends who own businesses used to ask me if I would look at something they had written and give comments on it. So, being the good friend that I try to be, I did.  Then it escalated.  Just looking at something quickly turned into them asking me to write an ad for their business.  Then, just writing an ad turned into an hour-long conversation about how they can get more business.  Have you ever been caught in that situation?  It’s tough.  No matter what your skill is, when friends, family and sometimes friends of friends call on you for help, it’s hard to say no.  But what I found out when I discovered The Millionaire Maker, Loral Langemeier, is that I didn’t have to say no.  I could say YES! and there’s a price tag attached.

I learned that what I originally took as being nice was actually a missed business opportunity.  I discovered there was money to be made in what I was doing and that the leads didn’t stop with my friends. I started a modest referral program and BOOM business… lots of business. Discovering my cash machine (my business) made a world of difference.  Once you discover your cash machine, you see quite clearly that you can have your cake and eat it too.  I LOVE writing.  I LOVE helping people with their businesses.  Now I can do that, have the cash flow I need and, most importantly, I’ve built a wonderful team around me to keep that cash flowing!  According to Loral, everyone has a different sequence for wealth building.  It looks like I found mine!

How did it all start?  It all began by watching a series of free videos and getting involved in Loral Langemeier’s free 5-day Yes! Energy Boot Camp.  Now I am starting to think like someone who is wealthy, not living paycheck to paycheck, and I am seeing my wealth grow!  You can too! 

Join me and many other brand new entrepreneurs in discovering that Yes! Energy that can make just about ANYTHING possible.

  • Rennuscrossley
    Posted at 19:42h, 12 November Reply

    Diane thank you so much for sharing with us what you have found and how valuable we really are

    • Diane
      Posted at 16:05h, 14 November Reply

      My pleasure! It is really amazing when I decided to kick my cash machine into high gear. I was shocked at what I was giving away for free and now I am just plain too busy to give freebies anymore. I love it! Definitely watch those videos and get involved in the Yes! Energy movement. It’s a life changer!

      • Will Hull
        Posted at 10:11h, 15 November Reply

        Are these videos free for those who paid for the coaching service? If so, do you know the link to them within the area where we are logged into LOL? I would love to sit down and watch them. Thanks.

        • Diane
          Posted at 20:18h, 15 November Reply

          The videos are free to watch. Just click on the link I provided above and fill out the short information form. I watched them on my first day at Live Out Loud and they contain a lot of great information. Loral is very engaging too, so they are fun as well.

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