Qualities people value in their leaders

Qualities people value in their leaders

According to “The Leadership Challenge,” a wonderful book focused on “liberating the leader in everyone,” there are 4 qualities that stand above the rest when people are asked what they value in their leaders … take a look at the list below, and see if these core values are the same you value in yourself as a leader.

*PS: After you read the list, ask yourself if the qualities at the top are the same you’d like to see in a company you do business with … interesting how they align, huh?

—88% Honest

—71% Forward-looking

—66% Competent

—65% Inspiring

—47% Intelligent

—42% Fair-minded

—40% Broad-minded

—35% Supportive

—34% Straightforward

—33% Dependable

—28% Cooperative

—24% Determined

—23% Imaginative

—21% Ambitious

—20% Courageous

—20% Caring

—17% Mature

—14% Loyal

—8% Self-controlled

—6% Independent

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