Are You Ready to FIRE Your Boss?

Are You Ready to FIRE Your Boss?

Kicking OutWhat kind of day are you having at work? If you are like 49% of Americans, you aren’t having a good one. New York Conference Board just released a survey that revealed that only 51% of employed Americans are satisfied with their jobs.  In 1995, 59% of employed people were happy and that was with a much lower unemployment rate! The study went on to say that four out of five workers are unsatisfied with their companies’ promotion policy and bonus plans and three out of five are not happy with how much they are being paid for what they do.

What if I told you that you have all the resources at your disposal to stop working for someone else today? Feel free to quit right now if you like. You have the resources. You just have to put them to use! In my books, I call the order in which you utilize these resources “sequencing.” The parts are the same, but the order of the sequence varies depending on the individual and their unique situation.

When you execute this sequence, you take one more step toward something beyond leaving your desk job, or field job, or whatever you do. You reach your freedom day.  That is the day when you look around you and everything is how you want it to be.  You are Doing Less, Making More, spending more time with your friends, family, traveling the world, pursuing your passions – whatever you see as that perfect end-state.

Sit at your computer and dream about your freedom day, visualize it.  Feel what it feels like. See what you will have, where you will live, what you will be.  Relaxing, wasn’t it?  Now imagine how wonderful it will be when you finally live it! 

I want to help you discover the roadmap to a brighter future. So I’m giving you my Millionaire Road Map for free.  (It’s a $39 value). 

That freedom day is just sitting over the horizon. All you have to know is how to get to it.

So go get it.

  • Reginaozoemela
    Posted at 20:16h, 16 November Reply

    Absolutely, I am ready to fire my boss it’s just a matter of time. I have already crossed over to LOL, having fun with the coaches and strategists, learning a lot about becoming a millionaire and seriously aspiring to become one very soon.

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