Recap of the 120 day Action Plan

Recap of the 120 day Action Plan

Time is so precious and there is a finite amount.  So are you using your time wisely?  What is the best and highest use of your time?  What activities will generate revenue?

There is only 3 days before our next Big Table meeting in Lake Tahoe. How did the days past by us.  I need more time. Do you ever feel like you work so hard and long and it seems like you have been going in circles?

I am not sure we accomplished all the things we were suppose to do.  Or maybe we did a lot though it does not seem like it.  Maybe we set too high an expectation. The one thing I do know is that taking action and being persistent leads to achieving larger goals.

So what did we accomplish in the past 120 days?
We now host 3 mastermind groups weekly
Was interviewed regarding real estate investing on the radio 3 times
We do weekly blogs and participate in various online social networks
Developed an investor flyer
Developed videos of the real estate investment process
Creating a clearer vision and focus
Bought cash flow properties

The biggest accomplishment is being able to give others a higher return on their money through real estate.

Our cause is financial independence and security
Our passion is service and helping others
We work to make lives better

As we head off to the Big Table, we will be video taping our adventures and showing you the Live Out Loud facility and some of the things we will be doing.  Stay tuned to learn more about what the Big Table is all about.

Amy Yoshimitsu
Lois Threlkeld

Investing in Your Future

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