Rewarding my amazing sales team

Rewarding my amazing sales team

So, I told my sales team a couple of weeks ago, that if they rocked it – and I mean ABSOLUTELY ROCKED IT – I would fly them privately in my personal plane from their home base in Utah to my home base in Tahoe to spend a week with me and some of my good friends. This week is HUGE for my company & I, as we’re hosting our 100th Big Table program, AND my birthday is this Tuesday, June 24…so, you know we were going to celebrate HUGE this week 😉

Well, what did my sales team do?…

Umm…TOTALLY ROCKED IT!!!! Beyond killed it!!!!


Each & every one of these guys earned their way on this plane to come relax with me & enjoy the Tahoe sun. Way to go, guys!!!!

I’m a huge believer in rewarding those who reward you. Gifting my sales team with a private flight & some fun in the sun was my little way of showing them I appreciate and recognize their hard work. They rock 🙂

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