Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa

Do you ever feel like you are the under dog, facing the fight of your life and all the odds seem to be against you?

Have you ever watched the movie “Rocky” ?

No matter how many times he got punched and knocked down, he kept fighting and he never gave up. He lasted all 9 rounds and it was a bloody mess. No one expected him to last as long much less win the boxing match.

Like Rocky, we had to step back into the ring and deal with all the management of our properties. Vacancies are at an all time high and that affects our bottom line. We have to work more closely with our management company to get the units fixed and to get it rented as quickly as possible. We are working with the handymen, placing on line ads, and showing the units to tenants. We need to take a more active role again in the operation of our properties.

Money is tighter with the economic changes. We are not able to just let the management company fix the apartments like they used to without looking into what needs to be done vs what is nice to have done.

We are taking massive action to do whatever we can to keep our expenses down and increase our income. We are getting our units rented. We are working on our multi level marketing business .

We all need to focus on INCOME and figure out what things we need to do to bring in more money. I know there are solutions. Go to to post your ideas and/ or check out some ideas. Check out our video Unlimited Legal Help and vote “like it” and make a comment.
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